Things go well for Boris…

Nice to see my words echoed a day later by ex PM John Major, a much under-rated man and we align totally in that it is quite despicable supposedly competent Cabinet Ministers attempting to defend the indefensible, for example step forward Kwasi Kwarteng.

Things go well for Boris today, lickspittle adulators rush to defend, okay admittedly only one or two at least but there is rampant inflation, there is Ukraine, there is Cressida Dick, all wonderful things to draw the spotlight away from a hapless and callous Boris Johnson. As I’ve always said if he couldn’t recognise a party in the garden (Friday night, bottles of wine) then what was happening in no.10 on a day to day basis? As Boris refuses to admit to the obvious this nation is being laughed at around the world, it being openly stated on bbc r4 news we are losing credibility on the world stage.

Rishi Sunak will be judged as really not very competent, throwing loose no tie loans to instantly folding ‘companies’ all comers welcome sounds like naive in the extreme. We need more ’rounded’ and experienced people in Cabinet, theres too much Eton, theres too much ex merchant bankers financial types, we need people with a greater sense of the position they hold and the requirements of public service, to have experience of ORDINARY LIFE.

Never mind, the Government has rapid inflation, exactly as we would expect and is exactly as Boris and Rishi could have hoped for, to erode the burden of this borrowing mess we are in.

The Dido Harding track and trace fiasco and the billions down the drain must not be swept under the carpet.

We now under the Boris Johnson Administration have seen created before our very eyes two new forms of under-class, those folk that work yet seem endlessly stretched in expenditure they cannot meet and below them the poor and disadvantaged that if Kwasi Kwarteng gets his way will be colder and hungrier than they have so far experienced.

The poor en-masse, Boris and Co would now like to push sub-radar as if they do not exist. Ask Kwasi Kwarteng, he is good and ready with the knife.

Heres my check list of all the waste and incompetence of the Boris Government of recent months as per my blog post of a couple of days ago.

Lets list from top of my head the dastardly acts of Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak etc.

  • Peroguing of Parliament (actually now seen as illegal).
  • Pushing through Brexit which again is disastrous, for decades we will hurt from this. It will hit precisely those businesses comprising ordinary working people, growers, manufacturers.
  • Blind to the impracticality of the Northern Ireland / EU trading border.
  • Most definitely eroding the status of the poor and the ordinary, the mass of people, the stats in 10yrs time will amply demonstrate this.
  • Snatching the notorious £20 note from the poorest, this Rishi is very mean and cruel.
  • Billions wasted on HS2 particularly in a time of zoom meetings and remote working, no-one mentions freight, doesn’t seem to be part of it.
  • Both NI and income tax up for ordinary workers.
  • Crippling energy costs, on the rise, unfettered a huge profit machine for the those companies that can stay the course.
  • Still allowing the IR35 tax loophole, this is disgraceful by any standard other than vested interest and greed.
  • Not any great real effect on climate change, Boris is a Johnny come lately at even accepting the phenomena.
  • In my opinion Boris disrespects the House, remember it suited Boris fine to have the likes of Dominic Cummings as close advisor; whoops that is a misnomer, theres nothing ‘the likes of’ Dominic Cummings, fortunately a total one-off and Boris couldn’t get enough of him.
  • The phoney mantra of ‘levelling up’ which will prove to be empty and hollow.
  • The disastrous withdrawl from Afghanistan and its consequences, I shudder at the suffering and poverty we have left behind, as with Iraq a consequence of western meddling.
  • The multiple serial contravention of covid restrictions at no.10 and if Boris couldn’t recognise the contravention then what was happening inside no.10 on a day to day basis?
  • The billions wasted on the Dido Harding track and trace fiasco.
  • Draconian lockdowns, quite needless when losing family members. Imagine the misery in adhering to a ‘rule’. This well illustrates the Boris lack of empathy and callous disregard to the ordinary and suffering.
  • The millions perhaps billions wasted on inappropriate substandard PPE at the start of covid, bought from ‘mates’.
  • The billions wasted on naive Rishi shovelling out money as ‘loans’ to companies that subsequently surprise surprise declare themselves bankrupt.
  • The stupidity of the cash grants ie free money no strings handed out without any screening whatsoever from Local Authorities to any small business that said ‘yes’, lets face it hospitality needs to shed massive overcapacity and many niche businesses under covid have thrived. A waste of money once again.
  • We’ll see the situation quite soon where doctors on call-out will be making visits to homes six months of the year in cold weather where the occupants suffer without heating, Boris and Rishi have set the clock back a hundred years.
  • Immediate rampant inflation, surely not a surprise to anyone but Boris.
  • Measly near non-existent rates for savers, prudence and thrift is not rewarded; they want us to spend spend spend.
  • The rise of the private landlord has been allowed to increase unfettered.
  • And perhaps worst of all the huge NHS backlog, literally millions of people held in limbo UNABLE to enjoy the magnificent resources of as we are told so often this wonderful NHS.

Its hard to believe such a list of blunders. I would like all of these blunders to be investigated and will it happen, not really. The Boris Government is increasingly looking to be a clowns comedy cavalcade.

postscript: 24 hrs later we hear on bbc r4 news that in fact Steve Barclay has announced Government will be shrinking its presence, its aid and facilities provided, taking a more ‘back seat’ role. In other words they have wasted so much unaccounted for billions that now they have no choice, but of course will not admit this. This is uncanny how I can pre-guess what this atrocious Conservative government is capable (or incapable) of. All the decades of struggle are being eliminated, contrary to natural human optimism. This will please Kwasi Kwarteng and others of his ilk; they need to be ‘outed’ and shamed.

We live in a world of whitewash and bluff and soundbite the future is not bright.

Boris, lorries and food…

If Boris cannot match drivers to the necessary requirements of an adequate operating capacity for this countrys food needs then what the heck is he doing managing this country?

Can he be trusted or can he even comprehend the necessary fine detail and sophistication of fiscal policy, the control of money supply and inflation, of effective financial management, of international relations, ie complicated stuff ad infinitum etc etc all bound up with understanding nomenclature and terms that I cannot comprehend? The last few days we have had daily re-runs of ‘crisis what crisis’ when in fact the first requirement to solving anything is to realising there actually IS a problem.

Increasingly when I see and hear Boris I cannot help but recall some bumbling inept middle or higher rank military man.

The highly toxic and disadvantageous mix of Brexit and shunning of all European hired hands is an absolute recipe for disaster but yes we certainly walked into it eyes wide open. Farage and any other brexiteer you can think of have certainly landed us into a complete mess, setting the clock back fifty years.

The Tories talk of ‘levelling up’ but as every day ticks by there is nothing other than an increasing inequality, a blind halfwit would surely be able to ascertain of this. A case in point has been the withdrawl of the £20 regular covid payment, being withdrawn we are told ‘to save money’ but this so-called reason is complete nonsense, the hardship, anxiety and fear engendered by this measly withdrawl of an assistance payment will result in far more than any twenty quid per person in future spending to help the poor and needy. Yet it is only now that furlough payments are to cease, an expense that could have stopped even months ago. A bit of a joke considering present day mobility, there must be many people back to working full time and pocketing the furlough money. Another state sponsored scam…..

To compound Tory stupidity as well as announcing stopping the £20 covid payment Boris and team announce ‘new measures’ to help the poor ie another form of payment to look for. Surely if all is ticking over why the heck introduce yet another with set of hurdles with all the attendant stress and admin costs of starting all over again from scratch! Loony is the only term for Boris & Co. Madness. All of this when we are staring into the prospect of inflation of the likes we have never seen for many decades even for the simplest things as food and heating.

Why is practical wisdom and the foresight of experience so unfashionable?

Another quite blind and stupid idea from Boris and his team of which Rishi Sunak the Chancellor seems adamantly keen are the cuts in Overseas Aid, this again is madness. Imagine in your mind projects and programmes that would be abandoned, food, medicine, healthcare, schools, assistance to self sufficiency, birth control, education, equal rights …. all scuppered by the ‘levelling up’ Tories. I’m sure China would be delighted to step-in, if we in the West are so stupid then good luck to them. Very much a case of out of sight out of mind with Boris and the team I think, this could in fact suit them admirably as a campaign slogan.

If I were in charge the first thing I would do is hunt down those big corporations that are so skilfull at tax evasion, the Amazons that are destroying the multivarious web of stockist to end user network that has existed for a long time, their relentless market capture.

Additionally here in the UK we have an epidemic of individuals operating for tax purposes as Limited Companies, this I think is as obscene as any tax avoidance by say Amazon. Already this typical individual IR35 is on ‘big money’ and somehow pleads themselves as a special case somehow not needing to contribute as all the rest of us…. quite sickening. Yet still expect a legal system, Police, education, healthcare whenever it suits them! IR35 hypocrites I think is the correct term.