Getting through media obfuscation …

Its certainly apparent for things like chemtrails that mass media is doing its best to frame the discussion with as much ridicule as possible ie adding ‘mind control’ and that dreaded term ‘conspiracy theory’ to the mix, so that those who try to point to the sky and question the un-natural chem trails, fast morphing and ruination of what should be a bright (high pressure) day  … are ridiculed.

Likewise the trump/ GOP USA smokescreen of non-admittance to climate change and the need for real and immediate action is quite obscene, a disservice to humanity itself.yet they do believe in climate change, hence the obsession with the border wall to stop migration and its probable militarisation. Likewise trumps disowning the poor, immigrants, healtcare for the poor. As the saying goes … with trump don’t bother with his words, look what he does.

Shame upon them, fakery of the highest order.

We need jolting to realise where we are going ie methane release, interconnected feedback systems, loss of oceanic life/ food chains. Its obvious world food production will suffer badly, goodness knows how that will pan out ….

and heres food for thought ….



Explaining Fukushima …

I recognise Kevin Kamps, in his explanation here it is shown that the utter catastrophe at Fukushima is about engineering; plain hard reality backed with physical facts / physics. Engineering to my mind (my own practical lifetimes working experience) has always been about control, to control the process and hey Bingo the process at Fukushima is well and truly out of control.

Sorry to be a spoilsport here, but doesn’t it look as though economic and technical progress has well and truly bitten us on the arse. I cannot help but think of the haggard haunted countenance of Robert Oppenheimer after the bomb was dropped, after the War; he’d done as he was bid and look how he was treat.  He had ‘served his purpose’, he was cast-out, discarded. And how have we evolved – we have trump. The model for economic growth is outmoded, yet it never will be relinquished, men their hubris, their ego will never let go.



I feel so sorry for those peoples living on the many thousands of atolls and islands that dot the Pacific, indeed all the people on islands large and small; any coastline whatsoever.


Here below is from three years ago regarding Fukushima and its impact on the west USA coast, dip and sample, he makes lots of good sense.


Much material is a year or more older, its not easy to find new. Remember, half the worlds reactors are situated next to the sea, with increasing extreme weather and rising sea level its not good. Fukushimas three reactors are still ‘lost’ somewhere under the ground, doing their dirty business, both intentional cooling water and groundwater from the surrounding hills spewing hundreds of tons of water per day into the Pacific.

Fifteen thousand Scientists.

I quote …

“By failing to adequately limit population growth, reassess the role of an economy rooted in growth, reduce greenhouse gases, incentivise renewable energy, protect habitat, restore ecosystems, curb pollution, halt defaunation, and constrain invasive alien species, humanity is not taking the urgent steps needed to safeguard our imperilled biosphere.”


Heres the full article …

Its difficult to get into peoples minds how disastrous even a 2C warming has become (and looks set to rise far higher)  we cannot see immediately weather systems responding to the increased feedback until it is way far too late, nor fully realise the interconnectedness of  ‘this beautiful machine’ we call Earth. Each identifiable system influences the other to a remarkable degree providing yet further increases in feedback and effects, a most potent and dangerous spiral and even now mechanisms and processes are just coming to light.

And what does Scott Pruitt at the EPA do … shut down all thought of such matters !!!


Heres news of Pacific die-back below from two years ago…. note at 01:20 no more birds are being brought in; at 01:40 we are told they are finding birds with no food in their stomachs. Likewise Francis Mangels tells us elsewhere of the collapse here and now of trout rivers, he’s a PhD on Entymology, lifelong Fisheries Professional and a grounded practical man … so he should know!  He says insect populations are down to a tenth of what they should be, Caddis fly are gone, wild trout have empty stomachs.  I need to know and have difficulty finding current information re diatom and plankton populations in the Pacific. I’m finding great big holes where I should be seeing information. Below, the first report is from the Bird Treatment and Learning Center, Anchorage, Alaska.



I need to find more re Pacific dieback and West Coast USA Fisheries but google cannot seem to provide very much new material. However, heres …   … read of fisheries collapse, how sealions cannot provide milk or raise young anymore. And Pruitt and Artch Clown trump whistle-on as if nothings ocurring…. page 1

It was only in November 2017  it struck me that climate change had raced ahead, I was out of touch and I needed to get up to speed.

To my mind climate change is now the ‘only game in town’, too vital and important for any of the other 2k plus books here to interest me very much.

These pages will be an easy to read and easily explored gateway to the terrible problems that are the climate change catastrophe that is unfolding in the second decade of the twenty first century.

So many youtubes and web posts that I explore are subject specific ie loss of arctic ice, weather modification, loss of Pacific coral, jet stream upheaval, arctic methane etc etc … so my quest here is to throw lots around and provide quick easily understood information. A big criticism I have is that so many youtubes can be so slow and ponderous, particularly those that are delivered ‘to an audience’ TED style….. I don’t have the ‘effin time to waste listening to some pillock self-agrandising for an hour …. if I cannot ‘get it’ in five or at most seven minutes then please learn brevity !!! Samantha Bee has the right idea – keep it brief. Theres so much to keep up with and yet we are expected to sit through an hour of really quite slow delivery. I hope in time text will accompany youtube so that I can read through quickly rather than hang around viewing it. I’ve spent a lifetime on self employed ‘price-work’ and so am used to getting the point over quickly.

The President of the USA circa early 2018 ie donald j trump astounds and embarrasses me as to his ignorance and wilful refusal to assimilate basic facts, criminal in his negligence, likewise his appointment of Scott Pruitt to head the EPA and general dismantling of all that is good. I have read that scientists are moved to demeaning payroll or admin duties, forbidden to use the term ‘climate change’ or just dismissed from service. Great God, how filthy and belligerent can a so-called Administration become???  They will all ‘meet their Maker’ and be held accountable.

We are in for some troubled times ahead. In my opinion trump knows fine well catastrophic climate change looks set to happen, hence huge tax hand-backs to the already sufficiently rich and gross expansion of the military. The wall is to keep out a people that will be clamouring for survival.

As huge as we think planet Earth seems, the usable layer of breathable air is I read somewhere years ago as if a layer of varnish on a football. We look up to the sky and it seems endless but in fact five miles high and we would not be able to breath. In other words in two hours of brisk walking we would be at the limit of survival. And accordingly, whatever pollutants or modifications we introduce (ie excessive CO2) the effects will be soon felt.

The Pacific Ocean looks to become (if not already) a huge expanse of ‘dead’ water (something seeming I’m finding not too easy to find out about) ie west coast USA is overwhelmed with dead and dying marine life, from mammals down to the tiniest microscopic plankton. Its a strange irony that for one hundred and twenty years we have utilised the oil and gas from microscopic diatoms to fuel our ‘modern’ convenient independant lifestyles and now it seems the diatoms have bitten us on the ass so to speak – withdrawing their oxygenating / CO2 conversion function. Its this loss of diatoms that is in my opinion why corals are devoid of their colourful inhabitants, the self builders of their naturally white coloured homes just no longer exist. ‘Bleaching’ is a term that annoys me, I think inappropriate – it jarrs with me, coral always was white, its just all that the living material has died off. Fukushima and its three ‘somewhere’ reactors I think are responsible for this, some youtubes will explain as ‘acidification’ …I refuse to accept this explanation.

First day here for this climate change blog … its 11th Feb 2018, a work in progress.

Heres a quick starter ……


Also look at  ….

Realise too that hidden from sight is the undercutting that is occuring below the waterline, there looks set to be some horribly spectacular breakages of very thick elevated ice platform ie the big stuff that will directly contribute to sea level rise from Antarctica.

Here below is Paul Beckwith, he posts frequently, its all data based hardcore fact and I make sure I keep uptodate with him. I made a donation too, three hours of my wage, I hope others too can help contribute.