Where is trump heading?

Why does trump and little helper Huckabee put so much effort into reshaping what is viewed as truth ?

Allowing only his version of reality as according to Dictator Donald and endlessly trying to destroy the validity of others, whether its politicians, critics or experts.  And all achieved with a twenty word vocab !

trump endlessly promotes and extolls his vacuous pointless viewpoints and often sheer crass ‘achievements’ or more accurately embarrassments. He and his cohorts and unseen backers are in the White House and they are determined to stay there, not by talent and honest hard work but by manipulation, lies and deceit. Russia figures bigger in this than even now anyone realises ie money sex and greed, the same old story.

He cannot move among men as a conventional man would, sadly displaying as if he has always been at odds and contrary to decent moral behaviour.  I assume there are dark and obscured promoters and backers, but to what end? Is it all about lining the pockets of the already rich or wilfully destroying the USA?  Why the onslaught on International Goodwill, established relationships? I suspect he wants to bankrupt the American farmer so the big corporations can clean up.

trump is attracted to dirt.

I met someone a little like him 45 years ago, a kid that was so out of step with reality, a would be con-man,  a fantasist,  never think suitable whatsoever for any position of responsibility never mind High Office. Its like when we get any despot or dictator, an unfortunate series of giddy steps upwardly self reinforce to seem bigger and better than they actually are, they are as if magically propelled.

trump plays the fool but construct a flow chart in your minds eye and see how hell-bent he is on his mission; staggeringly as if all premeditated, a plan. Why the need to control the media, to invert the truth and arch-manipulate, what new tricks and scams does he have in mind ?? Why trying to con and destroy all of the time ?? Note the subtle gradations of his message over the months, his slow driving of the wedge of ignorance, division and hatred. He’s saddled America, riding her good folk and he’s driving the wedge, stood there with a huge sledge hammer….

He is deliberately and vociferously rendering any criticism to be unacceptable, to be unheard. Certainly his love for and skill with his beloved rallies are grossly aided by hired hands to whip up an obscene denial of decency and good practice, to deny established time-won equitable procedure, of truth. Hitler worked crowds this way in Germany, Moseley had it in England. A crowd is a strange leviathan and I admit trump certainly knows how to pitch to the lowest common denominator, successively over the months he has promoted in discrete increments his gross nastiness; ever the slick salesman. Its as if we are losing the ability to think independently and this suits trump just fine. How long before hardly reported violence spreads like a cancer at these events?  Jim Acosta of CNN as per my last post sees it coming, many likewise.

trump is creating an atmosphere, a stage setting, a situation, a country where anything (nasty) can happen.

Note these last couple of days someone at the WH has got it into their heads trump needs to be seen with people of colour … so bingo … pics to fulfill the new message.

trumps fellow travellers know fine well that all they need to control is the first page of google; the little people, the reality of daily life of the little people he is neither concerned about nor will come into focus as long as he daily churns with his evil nonsense. The definition of chaos is evil, every dictionary tells the same.


postscript 4th Aug 2018 …  having to work at my desk today provided a chance to view some Thomas Hartmann youtubes, always worth listening to. Here he also is wondering where trump is heading, how far will he go, be allowed to go  ….