trump brings the swamp to England…

Alternative title … ‘I had no idea’.

This newer s/h stack at £70 with windows 10 really does feel I’m viewing the world from the bottom of a hole dug by my own hope of getting a bit more up-to-date (prev was 15 yr old XP m/c). But now the windows 10 experience ie the ads are cringe-making in the extreme. Being forwarded to phoney pretend pages of news bundled with yet more ads are so obviously fake. Its not the news media ie the Free Press that is fake but it is the medium over which it is viewed. This is a very important distinction.

I never see tv so again, this unwanted limited view from the bottom of my unwittingly self inflicted windows 10 hole in the dirt never allowed me to realise quite how much of the swamp trump had brought to England.

I am at a loss for words at the bizarre photo below ….

sickening trump visit

Surely there as to be a better use of human time than these silly charades?