Lines in the sky. North east England diary ‘lines in the sky’.

From very little these last few months lately they are becoming more easily seen ie what can be construed as chemtrail. This blog here of mine has lots of chemtrail diary and photographs for the previous two or three years. Google searches indicate i am the UKs most prolific blogger on these things, maybe thats why theres little for me to photograph or record this last half year.

Many if not most people will not acknowledge the chemtrail phenomena, but ask any Californian, they get lots, likewise from NASA Worldview places to look are English Channel, Irish Sea, Isle of Man and Cumbria, also North Sea, Dogger Bank. Biscay used to get lots and into central France, not much seen lately if NASA Worldview is anything to go by, a very incomplete data source as to the ‘one-shot’ timing of the picture we are presented. I somehow need high def realtime satellite imagery …. how do i obtain this? Ideas anyone?

Yesterday Friday 23rd July 2021 here NE England in the sky above visible from early and until past sunset in the far western horizon, what i assume to be the west UK flight corridor.

Using my DQA system of a couple of years ago i rate as…

Duration = all day ie 10/10.

Quantity= moderate ie 3/10.

Affect= no dark ‘reaction clouds’ merely a spreading haze or whitening of the sky ie 3/10 only.

Therefore my DQA for yesterday Fri 23rd July 2021 is 10, 3, 3.

Link for the image below …. https://go.nasa.gov/3i7yqQV

Chemtrail activity north east England, southern Scotland, Friday 23rd July, 2021. https://go.nasa.gov/3i7yqQV

Q. Why are these lines in the sky not fading quickly, why so persistent, why widen out to form a much wider definite ‘band’ in the sky, they stay there for hours?

Why some days and not others?

Why sometimes in a repeated flight path, a corridor, a predictability for any one day?

Its my opinion ‘whitening of the skies’ will become much more mainstream, be introduced as such as a necessary step to counter climate change ( I’m guessing at forthcoming COP Glasgow). We know its all futile, there are so many grim interconnected feedback loops, its as if we are having to re-write the book of planetary weather systems, ie DMS (algae), methane, sulfate, ocean circulation systems, the loss of ocean oxygenators known as algae, etc etc. Yesterday I suddenly thought …. “What if our sewage treatment filter bed systems where we use live algae and plankton collapsed due to extreme heat, could this occur? Just about everything else is, its a joke of mine we just about have everything happening other than aliens! So far people just do not seem to be making the adjustments necessary.

Lines in the sky diary Monday 26th 2021, plenty to see in the evening, say six or eight at any tine, including a criss cross example. I hadn’t time to keep looking up at the sky, work indoors kept me busy, so if we just count what was actually observed my DQA sytem rates it as 3,3,2. ie 3/10 duration, 3/10 quantity, 2/10 affect.

Next day Tues 26th July again tasks indoors keep me busy but also the sky itself is obscured, cloudy. However NASA Worldview shows what I from experience see as an altered ie chemtrail sky off the coast here in north east England. ie https://go.nasa.gov/3ye1BXW

Suspected chemtrail north east coast England 27th July 2021. https://go.nasa.gov/3ye1BXW

Note above it is the ‘french grey’ colouring that is chemtrail, half of what you see above, the main solid lighter cloud presence in my opinion is natural. Click on the link and click to enlarge, this backs up my suspicion. Also, click the different layers and look at northern France ie Brittany.


Lines in the sky…

Chemtrail diary north east UK.

This morning 14th June 2021 very obvious lines in the sky that cannot be construed as any viable legit condensation trail, maybe a low rate at say five an hour, but obvious! These lines in the sky termed chemtrail stay up, they do not disperse, in fact form a widening haze and lead to yet another dull day. Also lots of obvious accompanying ‘aluminisation’ ie hazy wispy non cloud obscuration of the sun; which is after all I assume the purpose of chemtrail in the first place.

Here in this specific say thirty mile diameter cone of vision north east England we don’t get many chemtrails these days, maybe my being from what I see as google results listings on image search as being possibly the UKs most prolific chemtrail blogger ensures this. Strange really as these days I’ve neither time nor patience to catalogue and upload all I see. Most I witness is drifting-in aluminisation, one assumes from chemtrail laid either on the west coast flight path or out into the North Sea.

This morning yet again demonstrates the connection with chemtrail directly above and a most obvious ‘aluminisation’ of the sky. Its 10am, I wonder how the day will progress. Note with this blog I do not jump to conclusions, I merely note down my observations and look for patterns and connections.

Last week I again had my previous observations and experience in Cumbria confirmed, where the chemtrail / lines in the sky trundle on each day, with next to no-one taking any notice nor asking questions. Its not that we can do anything, the complete idea of chemtrails will be introduced to us all as valuable ‘whitening of the skies’ sometime soon as to counter pollution fall-off and aid in slowing global warming, something quite futile actually but the human race won’t go down without a fight. However folk in say west coast USA, CA etc have been complaining and questioning this unexplained sky trails for decades and obviously meeting a wall of silence, no doubt bolstered by the Official Secrets Act slapped onto anything / anyone that could shed light on these lines in the sky. Meteorologists and agriculturalists will be very aware of chemtrail but all have their hands tied so to speak.

Chemtrail diary 1st April 2019.

We are now onto BST here in England, my dog doesn’t realise its a sixty minutes disjoint in his demanding ‘hund fodder’, but it still feels bloomin’ early. He’s old and he ‘wants’ all the time, always was a difficult dog, its tiring. Some days better than others, we have our routines, cooking etc which helps compartmentalise his ‘wanting’ and also the better mornings are when I have a near continuous dialogue with him, the words seem to feed him.

0700 BST (tho my mind is keen to tell me its 0600GMT)…  significant chemtrail above, strong and hazing, say 6-8off visible at any point. Also a distinct ‘turn-on’ of chemtrail visible in a flight as pictured below. Its a high pressure (HP) day so odds are high its will be ‘a chemtrail biggie today’, last big chemtrail day was a Saturday 23rd March just over a week ago ie https://climate-change-briefing.com/2019/03/23/three-dozen-by-0900/

I can hear them flying above, but the chemtrail bods are those much higher, near silent. With global warming its going to be near impossible to get both individuals and corporations to throttle back on air travel. Like SUVs and a beef diet it will take some ‘cracking’. My latest crackdown/improvement here at the hacienda is to wash by hand and drip dry, works fine!

In my opinion the chemtrail people have now realised how to stop short of the dreadful ‘aluminized churn’ witnessed here three or four mornings last year, was quite obscene, lower brown reaction clouds, fast churn etc.  Realise too it can be random, or corridor, or nothing visible in your own cone of view but laid say corridor fashion close to or over the horizon. West coast chemtrail USA to drift mid western has been going on for many years we read from many sources. Look at youtube and be sure to include a place name in the search box.

Okay its another thirty minutes, I’d better lok out, I’ll be missing the action …

… its potent chemtrail up there today ….. you f###### b#####ds.

07:45 BST … theres a horrible bank of very dark cloud coming in from the west, I can only assume laid over to the west yesterday, yes nasa worldview indicated as such over the Irish Sea and shipping areas Fastnet and Shannon. Already the open sky is mostly hazed and significantly subdued fom its earlier bright blue, I’d say 50% lost / obscured of this bright HP day. To what extent is this hindering agricultural production?  Realise that Monsanto worldwide have patents that include their GM crops being specifically resistant to free-borne aluminium. Free-borne / unattached aluminium is extremely rare (non-existant?) in nature. Last year the only clear sky was a fortnight before the Royal Wedding. A sunlight recorder read in conjunction with data ten and twenty years ago would be a useful move. Also I read, ozone is destroyed by geo-engineering ie chemtrails.

pics and worldview to follow as the day progresses …

0800 BST north east England, thats it! …  sun soon to be obscured, very dense dark what i assume to be aluminized cloud drifting over to the east coast. I’m glad I witnessed this, at a guess twenty significant chemtrails now obscured and this morning quite potent ie a lot of ‘material’. An hour later i can hear high alt aircraft which possibly are still laying chemtrail.

0940 BST and the grey canopy is thinning / moving out over the north Sea. looking at weather sat i will be able to determine how many hours for Shannon / Fastnet chemtrail to reach us. So lets look at the pics up till the arrival of the obscuring bank of grey cloud 0800 …




11am BST Monday, camera now cleared for the remains of the day, at any time at least ten chemtrails visible in the sky above, limited cone of view say twenty mile diameter max because of the semi-urban ie built landscape around me.

noon / one o’clock … sky now back to oppressive grey, immobile too, not moving anywhere; same all afternoon and hence i can hear aircraft but cannot see the chemtrail result good or bad. Here below remaining photographs from later morning, its tricky to capture a distinct image of widening hazing chemtrail.

A day later Tuesday we hear on bbc r4 morning news of increased charges for polluting vehicles entering London (okay i understand) the Mayor so determined to clean up the air; on my last visit eighteen years ago i thought it cleaner anyway, much cleaner than twenty years previous in 1980. A point he made is that they have now determined children are only developing smaller sized lungs, smaller lung capacity … surely the problem there is screen time !! … no-one plays outside, no-one hops and skips, no-one chases a ball. THAT IS the problem. The little mites are ferried to and fro in mummys SUV. My BS meter is starting to twitch …

Kids are unable to apply themselves, cannot complete a task, have poor hand eye co-ordination with any implement or tool, have no interest or realisation of the value of books, their content. I assume their handwriting and sketching skills must be several years behind.

Point is, what about all the crap up in the sky, the chemtrails? That is certainly one big polluter they will NOT be talking about  ….

Lets try and find a few chemtrail youtubes for London to round off this one day post. remember to add a location or city to the search box, general terms only yield v limited results.

Chemtrail data … worldview images.

I’m only self taught at this and its taken fifteen months of near daily perusal, thought, observation. To my mind chemtrails are real, unacknowledged in their specific deployment by any authority or Government and with increased freeborne aluminium levels are certainly not to be ignored. Click for previous posts and links ie autism in CA, Frances Mengels retd fisheries biologist re loss of caddisfly and general insect life in CA streams and rivers; my own sense that diatoms are much depleted (and generally unacknowledged in the general press) … ie the fundamental basis of the marine food chain leading to Pacific seabird collapse of three and four years ago and the collapse of the diatom / bryozoan symbiosis ie coral reef decline. The diatom thing is especially ironic as 70% of the worlds gas and oil reserves are the product of milions of years of diatom activity ie microscopic single celled two part silica tests or outer shells able to move and present in abt 5k species; the burning of which has led to their own and our own demise.  It seems we’ve got too slick and clever, planet earth one could say was never meant for this.

Can human ingenuity save us, i don’t know … maybe some wealthy elite will survive, but those average two income households above minimum wage that are used to good wages, cars, holidays abroad and cheap hop-on airflights termed middle income will kick and flex alarmingly at having to ‘green-up’. I personally at my washing machine having failed a month ago quite happilly use a bucket to wash all my clothes, no grime and a shirt only worn for twelve hours, never in cigarette smoke so therefore its an easy job by hand! Theres a thing called a ‘washing line’ … everything drip-dries at zero cost. I have actually always balked at the cost and stupidity of a tumble drier for home use, we bought one thirty years ago and is stored somewhere in the garage never having been used.

Chemtrail diary Sunday 24th March 2019. Nothing here in my limited ‘cone of view’ north east England, previous day Saturday 23rd March was atrocious, much altered sky after 12 noon, chemtrails most obvious all morning (see prev chemtrail diary post) …  no fast churn but grey overcast and latterly v cold, no fast churn; my DQA say 10,7,7, HP, AS, NFC … Nothing above for Sunday but nasa worldview shows massive chemtrail activity northern Europe in a straight line Brest, Dieppe, Bremen, Hanover, Berlin as per screen grab below.

chemtrail Europe Sunday 24th March 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2Wnsplb ... deliberate chemtrail / geo-engineering.
chemtrail Europe Sunday 24th March 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2Wnsplb … deliberate chemtrail / geo-engineering.

Can you see it?…  tilted 30 deg to horizontal, straight line attached to existing natural cloud systems. The particular shade of grey is also a giveaway to chemtrail activity. If it is just this concentrated corridor of chemtrail activity for Sunday does this mean it is dedicated aircraft and not merely some gizmo attached to many everyday commercial flights?

Detail below …

chemtrails Dieppe Calais Sunday 24th March 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2Wk5Qhl
chemtrails Dieppe Calais Sunday 24th March 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2Wk5Qhl

chemtrails Brest Brittany Sunday 24th March 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2Wl5xTh
chemtrails Brest Brittany Sunday 24th March 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2Wl5xTh

In my opinion it is the complete overall central belt above that is manmade chemtrail ie geo-engineering, not just the squiggly bits…

Here belowa youitube for Antwerp / Belgium, showing the characteristic loss of a bright blue sky due to chemtrail / geo-engineering …

Three dozen by 0900 …

Chemtrail diary for Saturday 23rd March, 2019. NE England.

In the two hours to 0900 its three dozen chemtrails at a guess, most certainly an ‘aluminized sky’  … big swathes of built-up man-made aluminized sky, rippled, pockmarked, strange haze; yet so far short of the sometimes ‘lower brown reaction clouds’. Maybe seeing the latter were trials to determine how much chemtrail could be deposited without bizarre fast churn, something witnessed three or four times last year. Noon onwards overall grey and getting colder, teatime was dark and chilly.

to be contd as the day develops….

Until late morning the number and frequency of chemtrails was quite obscene, from noon an obscured sky and by 2pm total haze, all random, none in corridor fashion.  Some lower reaction clouds, no fast churn, but still an obviously aluminized sky. My DQA reporting system for the morning only …  ie DQA 10,7,7; HP, IO, AS, NFC (ie high pressure day, incomplete observation,  altered sky, aluminized sky, no fast churn).

Curiously nasas worldview even when viewing Europe as a whole screams obvious chemtrail activity, the tone of grey is the giveaway. https://go.nasa.gov/2WiXfLD

chemtrail UK Sat 23rd March 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2WiXfLD
chemtrail UK Sat 23rd March 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2WiXfLD

I would love to hear what digital communications occur regarding this.


chemtrail north east coast England Sat 23rd March 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2WfZ5go
chemtrail north east coast England Sat 23rd March 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2WfZ5go

Very seldom do i get worldview chemtrail evidence such as links to what is seen from the ground. Click the above embeds and links to magnify the image, it is one very nasty build-up of chemtrail and i assume nano-particles of aluminium etc.

chemtrails Irish Sea Sat 23rd March 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2YgTdW6
chemtrails Irish Sea Sat 23rd March 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2YgTdW6

As is often the case the Irish Sea / Anglesey gets a lot of chemtrail. Note all of the above grey is in fact chemtrail.

Pics from NE England period 0800 – 10:30am  for Sat 23rd March 2019 … highly aluminized / manmade weather ie geo-engineering.

Heres more highly aluminized / manmade weather ie geo-engineering for the same Saturday morning, remember this led to a very overcast and cold afternoon and as is typical the chemtrails were sprayed on a day of high barometric pressure.  I have a recording paper drum barograph that keeps permanent record for comparative purposes.

What more evidence, more obvious material could i provide than this? I got a couple of conversations late in the afternoon, ppl new to me but pleasant conversation all the same,under a spooky grey manmade sky and at tail end I mentioned “Look – aren’t they chemtrails?” … and its a surefire way to have ppl wrap up the chatter and move on. ordinarily i would not mention them, but on consideration perhaps its a 50% chance that i do. As stated previously over my many chemtrail blog posts the general media have done a good job in bundling up the chemtrail idea with all sorts of nonsense material.

“The circus has gone, the circus has gone” … chemtrail diary UK.

Most days theres signs of something.

Yesterday Thursday morning 21 March 2019 most obvious chemtrails, at some points six visible in the same quarter of the sky here in north east England, random pattern. Often there is an ‘aluminized sky’ early morning which i’m guessing is usually drift from the central pennine flightpath and sometimes North Sea activity.

Its as if someone is running around shouting “The circus has gone, the circus has gone” …. yes my dear its gone from our town specifically but its still real and still exists, merely in the next town. In other words, we can get aluminized skies without seeing chemtrail in our own ‘cone of view’. For yesterday Thursday using my DQA reporting system I’d say DQA =  7,3,7, AS, NC, HP.   ie duration 7/10, quantity 3/10, altered sky 7/10,  aluminized sky, no churn.  Its the last number that carries most weight 7/10 altered sky ie phoney, contrived, manmade. Which is what particularly annoys me. HP denotes high pressure, often indicating we will be getting chemtrails that day.

Realise the meteorologists / the weathermen will all be bound by non-disclosure or the Official Secrets Act.

Friday 22nd March 2019 starting duller, looking more aluminized so not much bright blue whatsoever; chemtrails visible as per yesterday.

to be updated …

nasa worldview interpretation …

This last week i have observed a few chemtrails, mostly in the west ie the central Pennine flightpath, also here where i live most days I suspect often above the lower obscuring cloud, last Friday proved my point. I’ve quite a lot of pics but at the moment cannot be bothered to upload until we get a biggie ie a most convincing day of chemtrail.

Remember just ‘cos the circus isn’t in town today doesn’t mean the circus has vanished from this planet, its merely somewhere else today. I have to think of these considered responses because one can be subject to such glib wisecracks which on reflection hold no water you need to have a response. Therefore in reality i no longer touch on this subject with strangers or neighbours, its not worth the bother.

So lets quickly browse over yesterdays nasa worldview and pick up on likely chemtrail activity.

chemtrails English Channel 18th March 2019 ... Weymouth, Cherbourg ... https://go.nasa.gov/2JmAoNC
chemtrails English Channel 18th March 2019 … Weymouth, Cherbourg … https://go.nasa.gov/2JmAoNC

The above runs up England all west of the central Pennine flightpath; I wonder to what extent chemtrails are involved or at least how much is due to aluminisation from say a previous chemtrail assault?

chemtrail Biscay 18th March 2018 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2HrSU5L
chemtrail Biscay 18th March 2018 … https://go.nasa.gov/2HrSU5L

click the above link and also look at Portugal, chemtrails are evident.

Here below in the southern States to my mind looks suspicious, silly to ignore it. If chemtrailing is being done therefore conscious effort will be made to work with available weather patterns.

chemtrail southern states 18th March 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2HrU8hn
chemtrail southern states 18th March 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2HrU8hn

Here below theres no doubt whatsoever all is chemtrail (not just the twin chemtrail tracks at top of pic) … click to magnify.

chemtrail mid USA 18th March 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2JkGgqM
chemtrail mid USA 18th March 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2JkGgqM

Luckily so far, theres a particular shade of grey colouring that gives the game away … click to expand and see the myriad of sgraffito markings.



youtube chemtrails …

I am not stupid, those that know me will say likewise but the chemtrail thing is highly emotive, ruins friendships and one has to be very careful how this subject is broached, often for the sake of sanity is left unspoken. Yet if I’m ever outside and chemtrail crap is being produced then I’ll often point them out to anyone that is nearby. What I point to cannot be refuted.

Sometimes the chemtrails are …. random, sometimes in a corridor as if mimicking a cloud formation, on worldview chemtrails can be tacked on the edges of visible cloud / weather system.  I also find they are laid in a corridor say on the hardly populated mid Pennine flightpath and next day have drifted above here, a common trick using drift as the chemtrails drift eastward over USA western seaboard. Obscuring skies do not aid observation, but often in a break in the cloud bingo theres mature chemtrail.

Another chemtrail phenomena usually when its been an intense deposition as say last year 0700-0830 is ‘fast churn’ in the sky above that is really quite horrible. This can also lead to lower brown ‘reaction clouds’. There can also be an ‘aluminized sky’ and quite common to see this.

I also have developed my own DQA chemtrail reporting system ie duration, quantity and affect, all on a scale 0-10.

The point of this blog is to provide a repository, a quick fix of and succinct data of climate change and chemtrails for people . They are interconnected. And with chemtrails we will get nowhere unless we observe and record … and this is what I’m doing.

Googling is aided by adding locations to the search box, Vancouver, Seattle, Rotterdam, Bremen, Liverpool, Portugal, Sardinia etc etc wherever, people around the world are seing these things. Aluminium levels i believe exacerbated the CA wildfires, produce alzheimer in bees, destroy caddisfly (food chain) in west USA rivers and streams and its also my belief that diatoms at the base of the marine food chain are probablt also compromised. Witness the hardly reported Pacific seabird die-off of three and four years ago, hardly reported and never mentioned is the symbiotic relationship between diatoms and the bryozoans of coral reef. Highly ironic as burning the worlds reserves of oil and gas which is mostly derived from diatoms has led to their and our demise. I’m no expert but i find it impossible to just sit back and fiddle as Rome burns … much like the retard in the White House, fed his ideas by dirty old people drunk on monetary wealth. Oh yes and earthworms we heard last week on bbc r4 are in decline.

Here are some very useful youtubes that advance the arguament that chemtrails are real and cannot be ignored or refuted …





Thanks to youtuber nord 80 and material he’s collected.

UK chemtrail diary 17th Feb 2019

Sunday today, chemtrails started here NE England 0900 GMT, I’d rate so far as looking to be a DQA 833 day; MP-F (medium barometric pressure) and falling; AS3. (ie altered sky 3). Middle hours of the day lots of cloud cover, probably induced from the earlier chemtrails. For my DQA reporting system search prev posts. Some good convincing photographs to follow. When you’ve been brought up on the resistor colour code and radio operator RST all this is second nature. All reports are from a max of 10, God help us if we ever hit the max ….

Lets look at NASA worldview … data collected 13:30 GMT …


chemtrails English Channel and Belgium Sunday 17th Feb 2019
https://go.nasa.gov/2IfM6sP … chemtrails English Channel and Belgium Sunday 17th Feb 2019

I want to post another screenshot of up here in NE England but the resolution is abysmal …. perhaps ‘they are on to me’ ? I’ll try agn later but certainly today Sunday morning chemtrails are plain and clear up above. So far DQA i would say 833; AS; MP-F.

North Africa / western Med is getting chemtrails today …. https://go.nasa.gov/2STH0H8

15:00 GMT worldview update …. the little cnts are flying up from Spain (whoops a Derek and Clive moment) …  as is their method tagging along a weather system, sufficient brains to ‘blend in’.  Sorry, I mean Contractors and Third Party Beneficiaries. Its called money, it opens doors, lubricates efficacy, is a near universal motivator particularly among men.


… expand the image, its all blurred but sufficient is provided to realise / confirm this is man-made. As stated many times before, I need something better than worldview is providing.

Active up to date bloggers are rare, much material is old, of previous years. So, its unusual or more correctly not many people blog currently. Its my opinion we are being monitored, of course we are, the web is the all BIG thing. Therefore to avoid a few areas in England – those of the active bloggers – and there is a significant reduction of online kickback to the crap in the skies. This brings in to focus the last few photographs taken today, i have refrained from photographing a previous ‘cross’ in the sky as a pointless giveaway but this afternoon at sunset it was most impressive, as if devised for some poor sap to photograph and upload. My IP alone will be sufficient for the authorities to obtain my location … is everyone aware google street view also registers IP addesses along the pics of your house ?


Note also a small amount of what I term ‘aluminisation’ as at RH second from bottom, ditto to the left. It is the aluminized sky that annoys me, presses me to observe and try to get a handle on what is happening; we are being denied bright blue days. At this point all I can say is chemtrail spraying most likely is to increase reflectivity, that in 2019 we will see lots more of it and the aluminium levels are destroying bees (alzheimers), possibly insects and most likely caddisfly in rivers and streams. I also  wonder of earthworms and diatoms.



Snapshot chemtrail from worldview …

First time for me, only abt three weeks ago i started using NASA worldview. It often does not show the chemtrails we get here NE England ie when i look upwards but  however i get to tootle around the world and pick up what I can.

Heres a pic taken 13:15 GMT northern France a few minutes ago, English Channel … chemtrails i assume and ‘plain as day’… I don’t think its fairy dust. Google location specific and you will find many many ppl around the world are upset about chemtrails.


chemtrail snapshot 13 Feb 2019
chemtrail snapshot 13 Feb 2019 using worldview snapshot facility; resolution 125m per pixel.

Here is a link to get to that specific day and view presented  … https://go.nasa.gov/2IbiwVF

Thursday 14th Feb 2019 … A HP day but hazy, still I can see three chemtrail to the east from here in northern England. Occasionally chemtrails present themselves through the haze only to quickly be obscured again. So maybe tomorrow we will get full on bright blue n chemtrail mayhem if HP persists which looks to be doing … better for the chemtrail photographer !

Googling ‘chemtrail pics west of Ireland’ we find  …. https://twitter.com/chemtrailire

Also once its 1pm we can see the UK on worldview ie ….

chemtrail pic 14 Feb 2019 Ireland ... also out into the Atlantic in among a white screen of cloud can be seen the chemtrails flying in.
chemtrail pic 14 Feb 2019 Ireland … also out into the Atlantic in among a white screen of cloud can be seen the chemtrails flying in.

Link for above is … https://go.nasa.gov/2SS4oVo


chemtrail pic 14th Feb 2019 Irish Sea toward northern England / Manchester.
chemtrail pic 14th Feb 2019 Irish Sea toward northern England / Manchester.

Link for last pic is …. https://go.nasa.gov/2SWzvPK