Snapshot chemtrail from worldview …

First time for me, only abt three weeks ago i started using NASA worldview. It often does not show the chemtrails we get here NE England ie when i look upwards but  however i get to tootle around the world and pick up what I can.

Heres a pic taken 13:15 GMT northern France a few minutes ago, English Channel … chemtrails i assume and ‘plain as day’… I don’t think its fairy dust. Google location specific and you will find many many ppl around the world are upset about chemtrails.


chemtrail snapshot 13 Feb 2019
chemtrail snapshot 13 Feb 2019 using worldview snapshot facility; resolution 125m per pixel.

Here is a link to get to that specific day and view presented  …

Thursday 14th Feb 2019 … A HP day but hazy, still I can see three chemtrail to the east from here in northern England. Occasionally chemtrails present themselves through the haze only to quickly be obscured again. So maybe tomorrow we will get full on bright blue n chemtrail mayhem if HP persists which looks to be doing … better for the chemtrail photographer !

Googling ‘chemtrail pics west of Ireland’ we find  ….

Also once its 1pm we can see the UK on worldview ie ….

chemtrail pic 14 Feb 2019 Ireland ... also out into the Atlantic in among a white screen of cloud can be seen the chemtrails flying in.
chemtrail pic 14 Feb 2019 Ireland … also out into the Atlantic in among a white screen of cloud can be seen the chemtrails flying in.

Link for above is …


chemtrail pic 14th Feb 2019 Irish Sea toward northern England / Manchester.
chemtrail pic 14th Feb 2019 Irish Sea toward northern England / Manchester.

Link for last pic is ….

Chemtrail diary …

After fourteen months I’ve now learned to take a daily peek at NASA worldview; here in the UK worldview shows UK sat images from 1pm ie six hours after sunrise, lots missing, only a fraction of chemtrail that is visible above ever gets revealed on worldview, as mentioned before i need a better weather satellite!   I also have learnt to add geographical tags to the search terms ie ‘chemtrail Brittany’ (see below).

Monday Feb 11th 2019 chemtrail diary. …. note I add the day to the title, I’m trying to see if theres a routine / rythmn to chemtrail activity. Already i think theres a link to spraying on HP bright blue days. The conclusion of the day here NE England yes chemtrails extremely vague random pattern a.m. but later afternoon a little more obvious, in a ‘corridor’ over central Pennine flightpath; very convincing. My DQA reporting system warrants … 433 HP all day hazy from chemtrail and a slight to moderately aluminized sky.

Looking at NASA worldview we can find …

Chemtails Fastnet / Lundy / west of England …

Suspicious – categorising as chemtrails … Irish Sea / Isle of Man …

Chemtrails west of Ireland ie Shannon …

Chemtrails central Ireland …

NASA worldview does not display any of the chemtrail shenanigans as viewed from NE England today. As stated before, i need a better sat service. Anyone?

And so googling the above location Brittany we find ….

also …

Tuesday 12th Feb 2019 its 0930 GMT nothing to see as chemtrail so far but looks to have a slight aluminized effect, of course it has, the sky seldom is allowed to be without chemtrail somewhere above or on the horizon.

looking at NASA worldview 13:50 GMT we get chemtrail in the English Channel …

chemtrail East Anglia / Dover, Thames, Humber …

I cannot see the chemtrail thats up here, but certainly I’ve seen it lunchtime in the distance to the west.

Chemtrail Netherlands Belgium …

Chemtrail northern Spain / Fitzroy … … what i would prefer to call Finisterre !!

Chemtrail California / Pacific coast collected 21:45 GMT …

Chemtrail plain as day southern England / English Channel  …

At end of day ie teatime 12th Feb yup theres plenty of chemtrail above the lower cloud cover all seems mostly to the west as often is; pics below…



Heres a link to a previous post full of links to worldview and pics / observations to back-up my words  ….

I try not to jump to conclusions, to not assume, merely to observe and document.




chemtrails in Cornwall …

This is a valuable film, showing exactly the crap that we too get up here in the north east of England. As i mention in my pastable comment below it was only fourteen months ago that i ever even noticed such things, yet how can anyone be blind to such chemtrail shenanigans !


Below is what i left as comment and anyone is free to copy and paste my words as i think they make a succint and accurate introduction to the chemtrail conundrum, to try to get some sense into diehard deniers.

I quote …

North east England here … yes we get it up here too. That lower cloud at 03:20 is what I call a ‘lower reaction cloud’ heavy chemtrails and they turn to a brownish colour…. I also have devised a DQA reporting system for accuracy and brevity; modelled on the radio operators old RST report system. I only turned on to chemtrails fourteen months ago, why was I so blind and stupid? Well made film, accurate, informative, I’ll link to this from my bog if thats ok. …. Last summer I tracked two hours of heavy Sunday morning chemtrail ie 0800 – 0900 and 24hrs later flightradar24 on playback didn’t show me the original 300 plus flights but only 70 !! … I used a dryboard marker to record the criss cross lines and bingo have proof, comparative photos taken against white screen. Now we have last autumns IPCC Report ( a very emasculated inaccurate and outdated thing, doesn’t even include impending methane release) … I think this year they’ll go mad with chemtrails. General media do a very good job at bundling up chemtrail activity with disparate ‘nonsense theories’ so as to make ppl like u n me look stupid. This last week I’ve just discovered how google searches can often keep me contained in my own backyard so to speak and so now use search terms with locations added ie ‘chemtrail pics vancouver’ or seattle or algarve or Nederlands etc etc.

The Meteorologists and Weathermen must be gagged / bound by The Official Secrets Act so as not to spill the beans on this chemtrail crap.


There will hardly be anyone look over my previous posts therefore its sensible for me to keep ramming home the message.


postscript 2nd Feb v light late in the day chemtraisl yesterday, my DQA 111(LP)

I’ll add more to this post, searching ‘chemtrail pics NY ‘ or whatever brings lots of material otherwise unseen … below in Pennsylvania the chemtrails look just as we get them here in north east  England.


Heres a link to chemtrail seen in the mid Hudson Valley NY USA ….

Now here i go out on a limb and post material below that i cannot verify, that puts forward ideas and information that we must happilly view but be careful. However, as chemtrail watchers will tell you even the simplest basic fact of lots of air traffic / chemtrails where normally flightpaths do not occur is in itself enough to question and realise something is ‘not right’.


Lets face it tho … until now nuclear is on a steady-state hold so to speak, treaties etc so of course the tech geniuses are looking into other more exotic activities. If they were to do nothing then that in itself would be unbelievable!



chemtrail diary 26th Jan 2019

Yesterday lots of chemtrail here north east UK as posted already, also today Saturday 26th chemtrails aplenty, interrupted observation but until noon was the active time, my DQA out of max 10/10 I’d say 966 for that time period maybe 977, early afternoon heavy cloud precluded any further sightings.  This morning I stepped out the door, the language was obscene …. how dare they be so blatant !! And how dare the general populus be so blind to it ?

Numerous flightpaths top R below has no record on flightradar24, however at top L yes all but one are detailed on playback twenty hours later.



This is a totally man made fake sky ie chemtrails. Highly aluminized, my term. Nothing here is formed by nature itself; its called heavy metals / nano particles that will rain down increasing aluminium levels and fck us all up. Wave goodbye to childhood picture books of a long and happy life ….of bees, insects, butterflies and happy garden songbirds.

These people are getting a feel for what they do, yesterday already built up aluminium levels and so today after 12 noon the sky turned uniform dark grey heavy cloud cover. If they wanted they could then chemtrail to their hearts delight unseen. Were they, do they ?

I’m finding books now of how even in the 1960’s Paul Ehrlich, Rachel Carson, etc were all fearful and predicting what we now see unfolding, species loss, mans overheavy footprint on nature. How prescient …….

Convetional Economic Growth is now inappropriate, populations are too great, a western obsession with beef now an outmoded anachronism. First big grain bowl failure will require us all to rethink how we eat and live.

In the observed window of say 0930 until noon I stick with my DQA reporting system of 966 or 977 ….. quite obscene. I wish I’d gone out earlier but I’ve this niggling complaint that I will be seen and seen as stupid or ‘not right’ by my so-called neighbours.  Yet nothing cld be further from the truth, they are mostly ‘strangers’ so why do I concern myself ?  I must in future disregard imagined wonderings over my activities and get into gear !

Here is NASA worldview of today, looks to be chemtrails were captured on this image … the lack of accurate time stamping for this makes it feel more like some ancient lantern slide than anything modern.


Chemtrail nonsense …

Yesterday Monday 14th Jan 2019 was quite obscene in the blatant chemtrails above. Previous two days were sometimes clear and chemtrail activity slight. Prior to that for say three days mostly obscured skies with peeps of chemtrail only later in the afternoon. Only time in the last year since I ‘turned-on’ to observing chemtrails to be chemtrail free were in the two weeks of bright blue sky prior to the Royal Wedding.

Yesterday on my chemtrail reporting system ie DQA the day 14th Jan 2019 rates as 933 ie duration 9/10; quantity as 3/10 and affect of such chemtrails 3/10… 922 wld I think have been a trifle conservative a rating though possibly applicable; after all come Feb March it’ll go crazy again.  What I witnessed was classic textbook illustration of chemtrail then resultant hazing and rippled cloud effect. Though of course as we know there is no textbook for chemtrail as a civilian observer in 2019, merely military material from years ago that I’ve never seen. This morning Tuesday 15th Jan its grey / overcast with what I term slight aluminisation in the visible cloud surface, so here I am typing up yesterdays chemtrail nonsense.

Therefore using my DQA reporting system …

Mon 14th Jan 2019 DQA 933 MP(f) ie mid pressure and falling

Tues 15th Jan 2019 DQA 622 MP(f)


Pics below are Monday the ‘big day’ so to speak. Note to sceptics …

  • these things persist, do not disappear as conventional condensation trails.
  • chemtrails alter a sky and in extremes cases create v fast change/ turmoil.
  • CA has had chemtrails for decades, high aluminium levels are the result.
  • wildfire is much increased due to the incendiary property of aluminium.
  • bee decline, suspected aluminium causing dementia, like wise caddisfly in lakes and streams, I also suspect diatoms, algae, all are multiple vital and indispensable strata of marine and freshwater food chain.
  • can be random, can be in a corridor, can be laid somewhere else and use drift to cover / affect somewhere else.
  • alters skies, rainfall, obscures the sun and hinders green growth.






Chemtrail diary contd …

Wed 16th Jan 2019  has been a fast falling barometric day but with high blue skies, most unusual nowadays.  Zero chemtrail activity and in fact hardly any aircraft to observe, chemtrail or otherwise. And so I wonder if tomorrow we will be hooked into a chemtrail day ?  My new slogan is …

‘wise up – CARBON DOWN’.

Chemtrail diary contd …

Friday 18th Jan was the biggie, for two days prev it was clearish skies but not any chemtrails, quite startling in comparison to the chemtrail days. I wld say on my DQA reporting system (a rework of the radio communication RST system of which I’m familiar) .. 934 ie 9/10 duration; quantity 3/10; affect 4/10 and HP falling.  I missed any view of the earlier NW trending corridor that had been builtup but yes indeedy it was an ‘altered’ sky. Pics below …





Chemtrail diary contd …

Sunday 20th Jan DQA 922 MP trails generally hidden only some observed.

Monday 21st Jan DQA 623 MP a more affected sky, plain to see aluminized. Tho generally obscured / hidden.

Tuesday 22nd Jan … no chemtrails therefore DQA 0,0,0, however sky appeared aluminized, a very intense glare from the sun, quite dangerous to drive if no sunglasses. I’m guessing / lets hypothesise theres lots of aluminium up there anyway.

Wed 23rd … DQA 0,0,0,  clearish sky, no chemtrails as observed fom my bailiwick.

Thurs 24th Jan … nothing within ten miles, chemtrail streaks to the west of me ie central England Pennine flightpath, pics below top L and middle L. Bits of short half mile streaks, tuning on and off, usual area in the sky, NW of the airport. Five chemtrails at sundown in my vicinity, DQA 111.  Aluminium levels i assume will be dropping, expect signigicant chemtrail nonsense in the next few days.



In above pic ie middle L note v feint chemtrail streak at top, above the broad upper streak. This is all laid as a ‘corridor’. Where will it drift !

Fri Jan 25th yes significant single chemtrail after 0800 and I expect more today. Yes 0920 and its streaking all over the place, a ‘random’ display as opposed to ‘corridor’. Pics to follow…..

chemtrail slideshow …

This is not my material, however includes things we see here in NE UK and lots more too. I need to give it more time and think about what we are looking at.



Heres another online find  …

Working out chemtrails…

This is not new to anybody, its been happening in the USA for decades ie the drift of chemtrail and using it to aluminize skies elsewhere. Lately I’m finding by early morning few if any actual chemtrails being visible above …. but here in blighty so few people are looking up at this. As stated previously any chemtrail observers are bundled up with other nonsense by the media so as to ridicule and destroy any sensible evaluation.

Lots of pics lately of the distant N/S flight path northern England ie trending over  Brampton and Carlisle, the busier main west coast flight path being above the Lake District itself. Surely to goodness this can convince anyone that chemtrails are real and true, all the crap you see in these pics from sunset yesterday ADD material to the sky, they are not behaving as per ordinary contrail.

First gallery directly below are Tuesday 8th Jan 2019.





Next day 9th Jan yes chemtrails (unfortunately) as usual. Using my DQA reporting system I’d say 933HP.AS  …  ie duration is all day 9/10; quantity is 3/10; affect is 3/10. HP is high pressure on my barometer; AS is aluminized sky. At times obviously aluminized to a moderate degree.  I need someone to feed me sightings from Cumbria, say Brampton or on that flightline.

I’d pondered all day as to 3/10 ratings and yes ‘it fits’, not an over-estimation. I dread the 955 or God forbid 977 days of the forthcoming Spring ramp-up of chemtrail activity. As for geo-engineering being the ‘reason’, I am sceptical.

Below are Wed 9th Jan 2019.



LH second down, that is a v aluminized sky much manmade.  likewise main pic, note the chemtrail drift ie haze. This is not natural.