Throwing dice on a chemtrail …

Its a Thursday and the sky is clear here in the UK at 0530 and so its my prediction theres a high chance we will witness chemtrail activity today, say 0630-0830 GMT and say teatime as being the best times to look out for them. Call me crazy but my experience of looking upward since I first turned on to this nine months ago fuels my prediction. Lets see how it goes …

Many days these last couple of weeks have been hazy with suspected chemtrail activity lurking above, or on distant horizons, mostly unseen apart from occasional glimpses.

Yesterday I had thought lets not waste time on trump anymore, the sleaze, the stench and the despicable behaviour will work its own magic, is so blatant now that truth and decency will prevail, ensuring his eventual removal. And then we witness the horrifying performance of trump at his Press Conference a few hours ago, backed up by an extremely ugly Press Secretary masquerading as a woman. I mean ugly as in a total distortion of the truth, of outright and blatant crowbar manipulation of the facts; an obscene disregard for the Free Press. This is outright authoritarianism, Fascism.

Jim Acosta of CNN deserves better than this, all the Worlds Press thinks likewise. Its obvious the time left for trump after the midterms will bring horrors we possibly cannot or do not want to contemplate.  I reckon he is itching for a war (among other things), Sessions fired with obscene speed, Kelly and Mattis may hold on in respect for the USA but trump must be aching to ratchet up the White House to new levels of unhindered craziness without them.

We can say now that trump is indeed at war already, with any independent thinking free person or journalist.

Witnessing Fox pundit Hannity turn on a sixpence to appear at a trump rally was mind boggling, hours previously adamantly denying any intention of endorsing his Dictator of Choice known as trump. trump is heading for a stitched up media, his official voice being Fox and everyone else silenced.

Its so obvious looking online where and when Russian trolling of comments sections is active. Its now thought Brexit was manipulated likewise.

Lets see how the chemtrails unfold today ….


Less obvious chemtrails …

Anything other than blatantly obscene ‘in yer face’ chemtrails are hard to get across to the untutored, particularly if they graze on the fare offered by say Fox News. Mainstream media has bundled up evidence of chemtrail activity with various nonsense ideas that seek to ridicule any serious approach to analysing what chemtrails might be and their prevelance. For instance I cannot bear to hear the coverall vacuous term ‘conspiracy theory’ as bandied about by to be honest ppl that should know better. But we live in a dumbed down society.

Here for Sunday Nov 4th 2018 are less than obvious chemtrails, characteristic of the less easy to see activity of the last week or two; overall haze/ cloud obscuring for most of the time chemtrail activity. As posted previously I’ve spied trails to the west which remain and are most certainly chemtrails. Luckily with my zoom camera I can gather evidence that convinces me today has been a chemtrail day but if i was to broach this subject to say a Fox News subscriber then I would probably be ridiculed.


Chemtrail UK information …

This is an odd phenomena viewed Monday evening 29th October 2018 and I’m glad I witnessed it, but did anyone else bother or realise?  It occurred over sparsely populated ground, I doubt visible from any town.

A brief trail was created heading N-S and I think it would be half an hour later two aircraft flew south, one of them creating another trail, to make the two, as per pic below. However, only one aircraft showed up on flightradar24 a few hours later. I’m curious and wonder are trails turned on and off according to a schedule beforehand, or by signal from the ground? Or are ppl just buggering about? Who knows? Good question actually. So this is last night ie Monday and the day before as seen on recent previous sunsets the chemtrails are very to the distance in the W above the Pennines or toward Cumbria, ie west coast flight path.

High zoom sunset pics below are 23rd Oct. Two chemtrails and two jets heading south (only one making the second trail)  ie to left are 29th Oct.  So even though there hasn’t been much overhead prev week was low quantity (say 2-3 out of a max of 10 score) chemtrail activity but still noticable and often I’m guessing light activity but obscured by lower cloud.

Flightradar24 is proving to be like a sieve, lots get lost, proven dramatically early summer posted here in my whiteboard marker experiment and a replay 24hr later, something like 70% gone on a day of high volume chemtrail deposition (say 8 out of 10 activity level).

We are ripe I reckon for a day or two of full on overhead activity.

Here below I’ve taken the time to make the captions accurate and accord with the UK BST to GMT changeover.


Making a goog image search found  …

Also …

The latter for instance hasn’t been updated for four years. I ask myself why was I so stupid not to realise this only nine months ago? However say five years ago I did see say on three occasions big circles of trail being created N of here; I had assumed they were ‘test’ flying or stacking for the local airport.

Let me just say I cannot stand the use of the term ‘conspiracy theory’ its an unthinking handle applied to anything like what I’m doing here, likewise realise anything chemtrail is bundled up with nonsense by the media to sensationalise and dump as loony this material. All I am doing is looking up, recording what I see and NOT jumping to conclusions.

To summarise why we need to take notice

  • trails occurring where none wld usually exist
  • trails do not disappear as per conventional contrail
  • chemtrails stay visible, either as broadened ‘lanes of haze’ or hazing and spreading to create a dulled sky
  • chemtrails seem to create churn and fast changing cloud systems but not every time, spring was when the churn was noticeable here.
  • it is valid to question if aluminium deposition from chemtrails has exacerbated wildfires, increased autism, dementia in bees, loss of biological life in streams and rivers, damaged organically grown foodstuffs,  etc etc

E&OE copyright 2018

I cannot let it go …

… that trump yet again on last nights charade I mean rally adamantly applauds, congratulates such immorality; inciting anger and promoting physical abuse toward the Free Press, indeed anyone of the Free Press and last night notably Guardian Reporter Ben Jacobs.

Its time for the F word ie FASCISM. These masturbatory stage-managed sessions of trump (so-called rallies)  need to be seen for what they are. His tv reality show skills have served him well.

This undoubtedly is fascism. I am horrified and much troubled. Yet we must remember that what trump projects may not be the actual truth, may not be a true reflection of how people feel and most certainly is not at all a mainstream movement. As with all things trump there is much that is smaller than you think, his so-called business success, his abilities in general, his insight and understanding, his ability to lead a nation as President.  He knows he gets worldwide major coverage, but I think he needs to be seen for the hollow man he is; a human form of the animal genus Sus, facing downwards nose buried raking about in the dirt.  Ironic its yet another parallel from writer George Orwell.

Look back to other Fascists, they work the sore of the disaffected to ride along on them as a platform, they project a sense of injury imaginarily perpetrated by minorities so that others can hitch a ride in ‘denigrating’ and feeling superior. They abuse free speech, they have madcap schemes and see sleight and offence where none exists. This is as if adverbatim from the trump playbook. Fascists destroy the economy of their nation, people become much poorer, the so-called ‘wealthy elite’ become so much richer, yet ordinary people are restricted and confined and fascists create endless upset and friction and eventually war with anyone and any country that ‘is not their friend’.  Fascists cannot see reality in anything like a clear light and do not have the enlightenment that a real education provides. Fascists have media that promotes their cause without criticism; reality, decency and truth being abandoned. Voila! … its trump.

I remember reading a couple of biographies of playwright Arthur Miller and him telling us how when younger his stomach turned to hear home after home spewing the filth from Father Coglan, inciting hatred as he walked along the street.

Couple of people have mentioned recently how nowadays we seem so ‘dumbed down’ and from several chance encounters I can only agree. Does television rot brains?

Realise too the extent of trumps showmanship, selling himself as a brand and convincing prospective users of his name/ branding (which will cost them money) this does indeed take showmanship; this perhaps goes a long way to explaining his personality. He projects  himself to sound a realistic grounded in-the-know type man and quite easily makes the other man feel a cleverer person. This is called salesmanship.

Remember, he was a ‘millionaire’ by age three, his formative years were spent away from home in a military academy, tax and regulation mean nothing to him. He is ‘brass-faced’ to an extreme, the master of quite hollow lowest denominator wisecracks.

He turns everything inside out, upside down. Every insult he hurls is most applicable to himself. He says knows the art of the deal, I disagree, he knows the art of  ‘the screw’.  Maybe when he said he was the King of Debt perhaps that was his one true statement. I cried when I heard his Inauguration Speech as if written by a gaming obsessed nihilistic inadequate thats seldom ventured from his room; yes probably as it fits Bannon. We see pics of Bannon but when he speaks he too falls down flat, like much of the fascist detritus that hangs around trump. Bannons one true remark – “Trump is a streetfighter”.

I think trump is more stage managed and rehearsed than we realise, after all the backdrop ie fake supporters to his rallies are hand selected for the camera. Look at them, they are not engaged they couldn’t care less. Something that is so phoney and so make believe would never jarr with trump, he’d ride with anything that promotes him. I also think trump feeds off a constant flow of twisted croneyism, he cannot take this deliberate downward path without being coached and mentored, its all a voice of twisted old white men; of on-the-make prototypical fascists. Hence his rising early, tweets, phone calls to like-minded all before coming down at 11 to play a little in the Oval Office.

The poor, the ordinary and the anxious do not matter to trump, he is blind to them.

A president should also be the good shepherd.

We find he is remote from his own Intelligence material, after all its to a depth ie several sentences and multi-strand concepts that he has no patience for, it is from actually intelligent people, professionals…

postscript … this week bbc r4 ran a story on the pm programme from trumps ghost writer for ‘The Art of the Deal’ Tony Schwartz. His warning was stark. First vid is before election and is frightening enough ….



New angles on chemtrails …

Subject: doubled-up chemtrails in one ‘track’ and aluminized skies.

We are near coastal here, lately hard to see five miles up to the chemtrail deposition layer as coastal ‘fret’ precludes. From a higher vantage point later in the day Sunday last ie 14th October 2018 revealed sporadic chem trail and specifically trails along the Pennines to the west of here ie the backbone of England. I also noticed an aircraft depositing very close to an existing track. Monday the same trick was revealed, I literally watched as another plane flew right in among an existing trail. The resulting trail was ‘solid’ in appearance and in parts separated slightly to display its two plane components. It hung around for hours, extremely bright across the sky, without even dispersing into the usual chemtrail haze. I assume overnight it morphed itself into haze.

Remember, conventional media ie tv does its best to bundle anything ‘chemtrail’ with nonsense theories, so if you are likely to mention this to anyone its usual you are ridiculed. All I do is observe, I’ve been trained to see and to think in many areas of activity, I do not run to conclusions or any ‘theories’.

All pics in the first photo group are from Sun to Tuesday 16th October 2018, not Sept as mistakenly captioned, time is short here and it will have to serve as is for now.




…. three horizontal pics second line down are after sunset Sunday 14th October 2018 my first observance of anything approaching a doubled-up; remainder are Monday teatime and illustrate the obscene ‘solid mass’ of doubled up chemtrail deposition that all evening did not appear to break up or haze ie LH second from bottom; I think I’ve been witnessing an experiment. The ‘grey/ aluminized’ sky is Tuesday 16th October 2018 4pm (all are October) as I have stupidly mis-labelled them, how do i correct? Time is short here for this faffing-on! Nothing is photo-shopped or modified in any way, I’m not that sort of photographer.

  • Sunday night some parallel chemtrails but wide-spaced.
  • Monday teatime some close to doubled but gap noticeable, then its the biggie, a dense doubled up that does not haze or disperse, shining incredibly bright.
  • Tuesday what looks to be a heavily aluminized sky, teatime.


As I add to this its now Wednesday evening, its been a consistent chemtrail activity all day, though at first this morning any activity was masked by lower cloud.  Quite obscene. For anyone to NOT take notice absolutely beggars belief. With the IPCC Report of a week ago I glanced online that geo-engineering (ie chemtrail weather modification) is indeed promoted. Therefore the ridicule I’ve sustained and a valuable friendship much soured will soon be vindicated, as I predicted I will most certainly be proven right on this matter.



Note L.H. second row from bottom, how low wind flow has dragged haze from the chemtrail, needs careful attention to see this in the pic, is feint. All above are today Wed 17th Oct 2018. Hint – click on a pic to get more details ie time and date, I’ve not bothered with captions. Also note to the left of bottom pic, a strictly defined wide band of haze dispersed from one chemtrail. Steady skies yesterday, low wind speed at high alt; this is why on a bad chemtrail morning ie chemtrails say 6 till 8am then the constant morphing and turmoil say by 9am the movement and turmoil is staggering and surely can only suggest these are not natural skies and must be taken notice of.

Frequently throughout springtime we had needless chemtrails here in north east UK, all growing plants were hindered. Curiously for a fortnight in the run up to the Royal Wedding it was a reprieve with continuous bright blue skies. Chemtrails are often / even thrown at us when its a bright blue high pressure morning, this contradicts what is natural.

To recap briefly the aluminium, barium and strontium it is thought / wondered has ….

  • created massive childhood autism on west coast USA.
  • created an aluminized landscape that burns ferociously as wildfires, witness autumn 2017 California wildfires.
  • near eliminated lower food chain ie loss of caddis fly in west USA streams and rivers, no more trout fishing.
  • diatoms essential lower food chain possibly also tied in (burning the 70% oil and gas worlds reserves from these invisible things) has ironically led to their demise. Witness Pacific seabird collapse three years ago, all flew inland, all stomachs empty … grossly under-reported.
  • Alzheimers in bees (and other insects)? Insect populations in general?
  • Organic growers report year after year of disease and much reduced yields, free-borne (not bonded) aluminium lowers a plants disease resistance and Monsanto worldwide patents all feature disease resistance to such free-borne aluminium.

copyright 2018


postscript; what others are saying …

Lets look at chemtrails ….

Its 0900 here, northern UK, too overcast and drizzly to see if chemtrails are being created today; though Sat, Sun and Thursdays seem likely days if there is any pattern to it.  Last couple of weeks its been ‘weak’ activity at most, several days with an obscured overcast sky but say one third of the time intermittent occasional trails staying up and hazing, also noted some way after sundown. And some days bright blue with no observable aircraft overhead, which makes the chemtrail days all the more obvious. Note its the drifting and hazing of what should be a clear bright sky that draws my attention, I never proffer conjecture or conclusions other than lets notice whats going on …  ie the creation of an artificial sky in turmoil due to chemtrails.

What drives me on this are those occasional days (say three since Feb) when the quantity of chemtrail is so great that the resultant churn and turmoil needs to be seen to be believed.

Heres a vid that helps shed some light on the chemtrail problem ….

Chemtrails UK today.

Its Saturday morning northeast UK 29th September 2018.

Up at 0630 and at least dozen trails visible in the sky. Now at 0700 two aircraft visible blatantly laying trail in the same quadrant of the sky, parallel to the ones nearby. All last week its ‘on and off’ most days, exception / exceptionally Friday yesterday there seemed to be NO visible air traffic all morning, seemed most odd in a clear bright blue sky! This morning looks set that we get lots of aerial spraying. Yesterday evening I’m talking to someone up at an old Church, I point out the trail and its aircraft, he was quite polite, didn’t ridicule (remember that media/ tv bundles chemtrails with other nonsense so as to ruin any sane discussion) … and forty minutes later the trail is still very visible, having drifted and ‘hazed out’ to do its work. He listens as I tell him about the near extinction of caddis fly in west USA rivers, their multi-decade chemtrail bombardment (ie aluminium deposition) also dementia in bees, exacerbated wildfire due to aluminium, loss of lower (important) marine food chain ie my ‘beloved’ diatoms and algae, and I forgot to tell him of the scandalous autism rates in California.

Thursday 27th Sept was dreadful, all day it was chemtrails, far more than usual.

As I type I can hear aircraft crossing the skies, now at 0720 since before dawn I’d say we’ve had say at least thirty chemtrails placed overhead. From previous experience this clear sky could  be churning and in turmoil by 0800-0900. Its the rate / speed of churn that rings my alarm bells, not at all natural. Note how the chemtrail haze drifts, melds and forms an overall dulled sky.

I suppose Governments have to do something, they are prepared to see a nine tenths  population loss, scientists can be found online speaking of this. Difficult and immediate measures such as shutting down personal car transport (ie live close to work) limiting air travel for leisure purposes and abandoning the constant need for Economic Growth (and increasing wages) all will have to be severely curtailed and quite soon if humans as a species are to cope with the situation ahead.  The Paris Agreement has great failings but at least it got everyone on board even if its figures now incorporate carbon capture yet to be invented and totally ignoring the impending eightyfold effect of methane in its three forms.  Thank goodness I don’t live in a city or large town or on the coast. People are openly saying online that if they haven’t had kids they are okay with it now. Sad really as we’ve reached a point where healthcare is near universally available, working hours are not as bad as they were, no longer are we slaves to a master, we have personal mobility in many forms, news, being connected, low cost books are all to be enjoyed. You have to remember that two hundred years ago the ruling masters of this country would not even allow people to ‘correspond’ with others of like mind ie of the lack and cost of food for the ordinary person and that ‘ornery folk were forbidden from assembling to meet and discuss….. it would be done at night in a dark field, with passwords to protect from Government spies … only two hundred years ago !!! I suggest E.P. Thompson ‘The Making of the English Working Class’, an incredible book.

Its 0735 lets take a peep outside  ….. yes, always a couple of aircraft somewhere in the sky, lots of older high alt trails dulling what should be a bright clear morning. No sign of the lower cumulus type cloud forming as yet.

Its 0830, two sets of three trails in parallel (evenly spaced) streak the sky. And all the folk around here sit in their little houses oblivious.

Yup … 0838 and a fast evolving lower strata of the cumulus type cloud has appeared within five minutes, tinged grey-brown underneath as is the case with heavy alumium spraying / inducement. What an incredibly fast change, sun now obscured, a now dark morning. THIS IS OBSCENE. I’ve always said that most people are whores, they’ll do anything for money and the fly-boys up there should be ashamed of themselves. However, why has it taken me so long to cotton-on to this chemtrail problem? It was only eight months ago when I started to look up and take notice, to wonder what is going on and ten months ago that I woke up to the climate change that is occurring; so perhaps I need to temper my view of those that have yet to agree with me.  Online we can find blogs long since dormant from five and ten years ago highlighting chemtrails in various parts of the UK.  What made stop? fatigue? boredom?

Its 09:03, the sun has appeared again, a couple of big trails remain, brown grey ‘reaction clouds’ (my term invented … 1 sec ago) gone, otherwise any ordinary person would not see anything untoward.  Now its 09:30 brightish, one or two old (say 40 mins) trails, maybe just one new trail per 3 or 4 minutes, mixed sky, sort of believable ‘not phoney’ to most people.

Lets look at this mornings pics so far ie 06:58 to 08:40 …


The trails look weaker in these photographs than when seen in reality.

Sunday 30th Sept 2018 no distinct trails (its 0920) but most certainly an ‘aluminised sky’. And so it should be, theres been lots of chemtrails deposited these last few days and particularly Thursday and Sat morning, the latter by mid morning the trails still visible but little plane activity. I would assume theres sufficient aluminium up there already, as I’d say Sunday morning proves.  It looks to me that the trails stay high and there is a much lower reaction that produces the fast ‘churn’ and morphing. Top RH pic above shows this most clearly, the lower fluffy brown stuff gadding along at a fair rate of knots yet the upper trail apparently remaining stationary apart from a slow widening and spread to do its work. This is spooky, un-natural and should cause alarm bells to ring but in fact no-one bothers, it is I suppose ‘above their heads’.

Tuesday 2nd Sept 2018 I had opportunity to drive out fifteen miles and a moderate show of chemtrails but all at a distance, though plain enough. The morning started with in my opinion lots of aluminized high alt haze in the sky, fast churn, at evening an hour after sunset new trails just perceptible overhead. The object I would think is to getting up sufficient nano-particle aluminium into the upper altitudes, so maybe night deposition will or is occurring, we read the material stays up there for days. A day later ie today Wed its fret and misty so far this morning.