Jim Acosta – Speaking up for truth.

Well done Jim Acosta of CNN to stand up for truth, for the facts. These are basic tennants that Fox, trump and cohorts wilfully avoid. Its my opinion that trump rallies are stage managed and the audience visible behind trump are picked to look a little more affluent and integrated than those that trump can see ahead of him. To my mind his voter base is small but seemingly solid, I cannot see how functioning integrated wage earners are taken in by him. The tired and hollow slogan MAGA – ie make America look like a total  *rse-hole on the world stage …repeatedly … is wearing thin, in fact what is ‘great’??  We had a ‘Great War’ but i wouldn’t like to repeat it.   If these are ‘genuine’ fools then a continuing trump cancer will see their children and grandchildren propelled back to the 1930’s when ordinary folk had near zilch rights or protections, where kids went barefoot and medicine was not for the ordinary.  trump I think is engineering needless trade wars so that the big Corporations or Monsanto can come in and clean up at rock bottom prices. He also should be thankful for China, its allowed the West to create huge margins of easy money on imported product.  Its also my view that the whole NK KJ-un debacle was a stage managed event from day one so as to lead up to a vacuous and empty photo-op surrounded by flags.


As Noam Chomski says its what is happening unseen, the dismantling that is the real problem, trumps smokescreen of stupidity is merely deflection.  He gets up, defecates and tweets and so yet again the media is daily occupied with the latest obfuscation.

trump hasn’t quite yet introduced a new numeral system but with truth and decency and news reporting he most certainly is wishing to destroy all that exists to expose wrongdoing. trump busts a gut to invert what is right and true YET when it comes to clear and obvious Russian meddling various deceits and malpractice and financial shenanigans, he invertly busts a gut to be blind and deaf to these things. Words are straining to explain what we are seeing and hearing,  flow charts drawn in ones minds eye help best. Feynman had his newly devised squiggles and zig-zags to explain new knowledge and maybe we need something similar to indicate what is going on now.

trump is building hatred into peoples lives that is an unacceptable unenlightened unthinking way to exist. For sixty years its been hard work, a long road to win an enlightened outlook, he is doing all he can to build-in a return of blind violence and non-acceptance. Once people are charged up and seething as it were its like a loaded canon he can direct anywhere. KJ-un used a loaded canon, trump likewise has his own.