Thinking abt sausages …

I can’t believe I’m writing this, maybe five or six times a year I’ll buy Morrisons Lincolnshire sausages (quite good as sausages go, the best in my opinion) and bake them with herbs and black pepper to stuff into my face tween other saner meals, usually after breakfast ….. lightly drizzled in extra v olive oil and drained and squeezed between kitchen roll before eating. But it just struck me I’ll be eating the material that for the remainder of my other seven hundred meals a year I avidly cut or discard. I don’t eat ready meals or prepackaged ‘on the go’ cookery.

At middle age and looking good and wishing to remains so I therefore need  low salt, low fat and gluten free; the latter of which the Docs have been utterly hopeless …. but the ‘fix’ I’ve applied works and explains a lot re fatigue, feeling bloated, slow digestion and as of last summer horrible stomach pains like a bag of razor blades and problems with number 2’s !

My egg n bacon each morning is carefully trimmed bacon medallions, not a hint of anything fatty … fat after all is where the veterinary interventions reside, though occasionally laxing to streaky chosen for miniumum fat. Likewise with my chicken and Veetee brown wholegrain rice at 5pm; the chicken is carefully pulled a apart to eradicate anything other than 100% lean meat, thighs are best, again a pre-cooked Morrisons purchase. So again, why in heck do i eat sausages when i know fine well its not up to my self assigned standards? Gluttony pure and simple!

The chicken and rice includes in order of cooking: a quarter red onion, then chicken and rice, a spring onion, sweetcorn, garlic heated in a little Apro non-butter-butter, sometimes fresh ginger ditto, a small diced day old cooked potato, a small diced fresh fig as uncooked as possible,  sauted green cabbage leaf with fg b pepper, a slice of parma ham v carefully trimmed, parmesan cheese. All made in one pan, I make it every morning and it never fails to please … nutritious too! These are all my ‘standard materials’ therefore always to hand and cannot cost very much per meal.

Lunch varies from three days with beef skirt casserole and two of baked salmon. The former has got quite involved, a small panful of red onion, two sticks of celery, half a dozen mushrooms, all diced and as with most of my cooking includes oregano, black pepper, chopped garlic. This routine provides three meals, beef skirt spend say £3.80 total. Meat is diced, sealed in non gluten flour, balsamic vinegar to up the flavour reduced, lots of black pepper and some oregano, Baron red wine from Aldi reduced, bay leaf, two cloves, mixed herbs, two Kallo gf stock cubes; simmer to reduce, 90 minutes in my bench top oven. I love a boiled carrot and swede and a couple of pots as accompaniment.

The baked salmon is simpler and quicker; baked in extra v olive oil, fg black pepper – i actually use a pestle and mortar as my pepper grinder went kaput a year ago. Side order veg is v clever, small pyrex bowl layer peas at bottom, Apro to lubricate, chopped garlic fg bp, on top do not mix Nisa carrot and swede mash topped with English mustard worked into the upper layer along with Ajwain seed from middle eastern cookery. Ajiwan has a sagey sort of taste, looks like carrot seed and be careful if a newcomer, good for bowel movement! fifteen mins to cook and is superb no fail recipe.

I eat well, my medicine is my food and av cost looks to be £1.80 – 2.50 per meal. Its also good fun and i enjoy knowing i control what I eat. It baffles me this obsession with ‘eating out’ … why not cook at home and make it social…. think of the money you’ll save !!!

I don’t eat crisps, nor fizzy drinks, not much chocolate, one cup or at most two of coffee per day, being gluten free I use Morrisons / Warbutons gf ‘Thins’ with a filling of very thin sliced of Aldi Irish ‘Craic’ placed inside as an accompaniment to egg n bacon; no bread and anyway the gf bread available is not very exciting to say the least!  One egg only per day, no cakes, no sweets, no pastries, all of which i have utterly no interest in.

If i need to snack i have my homemade sauerkraut, or a carrot or apple and an occasional supper could be mackerel or sardines on gf crackers.

copyright 2019

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