A few words to the yellow vests ….

…. reactionary, puerile, pointless, hijacked.

Oh dear … a little bit of tax on fuel …  my dear friends as Climate Change begins to bite you will be utterly lost, bamboozled, thwarted. Get on board, pull together, stop titting around.

I feel so sorry for Macron …. having to deal with this crap.

To quote my friend Dr MLK  there are some difficult days ahead.

And if the presently displayed stupidity is the so-called reaction to difficult days then I think the protestors are indeed …  queer – challenged – out of their depth.


We need levity …

… and a fresh wind to blow.

Too much has been taken up with the cloying sadness and ineptitude of trump ie I mean the circus that masquerades as an administration.

Its a Sunday evening here, lets refresh ourselves.

Kenneth Williams was a rare individual,  a shy perhaps exquisite human being that blossomed best when left alone. Parkinson later on paired him with guests that destroyed his presence; but here we are in better times … I never realised Maggie Smith was so deliciously attractive …. maybe its cos now I’m now forty years older.





Postscript : I feel very inclined to end my trump posts, its all plain and clear for all to see how things will proceed, I’ve a great thirst to focus on more worthwhile topics than an overblown pantomime dame who most certainly will be leaving the White House under a very dark cloud.

Looking at Russia …


How can someone with such early financial advantage have to stoop so low?

He just cannot be trusted in any way whatsoever, can never take the straight and true line; trump tweets pictures labelled from the wrong country, totally invents what the ppl are shouting and thinks the Paris Agreement is somehow actually  entangled and commessurate to the situation in the city of Paris itself.

Mr Contradictory.

Which in fact is an accurate summation of all of the trump regime.

Everything is a contradiction, an inversion, a lie.

So much window dressing, so much ‘front’ so much mere face, forever a tv arena; so clever at the ten second soundbite and now that he’s found the drama, the stage-prop of a standby helicopter.





The unhingedness of …

It was there for all the world to see, someone already we know moves awkwardly amongst other men, G20 and now a funeral all in barely a week. The body language and manner, time spent, face, interaction … all quite telling.

To drive away before even the coffin had left the Church was grossly uncouth,  insulting I would say. But theres no love lost, everyone knows the jerk they are dealing with, having to patiently wait until all the dirt forms a noose. It was a good idea to have him there, it shows the measure of him.

Previously, to twitch and jerk around whilst supposedly be reflecting at the deceased lain before him again more telling than he could ever realise, he could not even give him a full minute of reflection. The brevity of it all, in fact a deliberate turn on the heel without ever once allowing the body to relax and the mind to ponder and reflect. Not a man that can reflect other than sharpen his hatred.

Look at that face, hear that voice.

What a strange disconnect there is constructed, as if a reality tv character has extended the script into real life. It shows how empty of wholesome human effort the USA has become when so much is given over to makeup and clothes and presentation,  a seemingly endless supply of very expensive costumes for the girls, to the ad hoc press briefing accompanied by the dramatic whine of the helicopter engine.

Mr Makebelieve….

He doesn’t drain the swamp, he drinks it.

Nature links …

A worthwhile browse, some good news mixed with the less good and the catastrophic.



I generally introduce a source or link therby building a library of links, I seldom repeat a source and I hope others can scroll down over my posts and see what is latest.


For instance my idea …. make a model of planet Earth, an eight inch football and our usable space is the thickness of a cigarette papet ie one thousandths of an inch ( 0.001in ).

Watch the ice …

Succinct and direct vid and also illustrates the flow outwards of ice into the North Atlantic. I wld have liked more written text but I assume format precludes, its an intentional brief hit of info.

Note also that its thickness that matters, from above we can still see some of the whiter older ice but at what thickness? Likewise Grenland, likewise everywhere. Here 7th Dec NE England its far too warm this morning, car thermometer tells me 10deg C.


Mass extinction … trying to understand.


Look at the contributors, for instance … Paul Erlich.

Not many bees this last year, no hubble of flies as I walk along late summer country lanes. The little critturs go first …. go ask a diatom.

Then the birds will fail and as above the pollinators and meanwhile some twat at 5G tells us how lucky we are ….

I am so glad I do not live in a city.