One cannot help but think …

Boris Johnson has taken a trick out of the trump playbook, in utterly refusing and being deaf to retract and apologise for the disgraceful and bizarre jab at the Labour Leader re Saville.

Heres a list of the many failures of the Johnson Government ….

It was a ‘mad’ remark and should have been immediately retracted, retraction happens often and easily in heated open debate in the House and as per my previous post its my opinion Boris could well be showing early signs of dementia. Boris Johnson has never been in thrall of the House of Commons and his Peroguing of Parliamant was both scandalous and illegal.

Yet he got away with it.

So now we have bands of hot heads that circumvent the usual channels of lobbying, of the established route to raise concern and wish to directly assault any given target, this is actually the germ of mob rule, quite despicable. I had thought this was well behind us.

It was interesting and gratifying to hear Kim Leadbetter MP this morning on ‘Womans Hour’ bbc r4 express entering Parliament as a means of getting things done, to make a difference. However reading yesterday at the wiki for Kwasi Kwarteng there are some controversial points, I quote …

‘In March 2021 he was criticised for dissolving the Industrial Strategy Council, the advisory body seeking to regenerate Britain’s regions.[33]

‘In the days after the COP26 climate summit Kwarteng met oil industry bosses to encourage them to continue drilling in the North Sea.[34]

‘In 2008, he received financial assistance from the secret group Le Cercle to attend a conference in Washington, DC[27] and in 2019 he was funded by the same group to attend a meeting in Bahrain.[28]

And its this last remark that particularly galls …. ‘In August 2012, Kwarteng co-authored a book with four fellow MPs titled Britannia Unchained. The authors made a number of remarks and suggestions, including that “Once they enter the workplace, the British are among the worst idlers in the world”.[18] The book argues for a radical shrinking of the welfare state in order “to return it to the contributory principle envisioned by its founder Sir William Beveridge – that you get benefits in return for contributions”.[14]

Wow, not looking good at all, I’m worried of Kwasi Kwarteng and his personal mission to get things done, we shall have to be careful who we elect! Seems my first judgements were correct. His defence of Johnson at the weekend was bizarre yet devoid of any shame! Kwasi is actually one of the cleverest people of his generation, gifted parents, scholarship to Eton, a clutchful of highest calibre academic prizes and accolades, so there should be no excuse for him naively mis-interpreting the situation.

How clever they can evaluate the workforce of this country with such inaccuracy … “Once they enter the workplace, the British are among the worst idlers in the world”.[18] Does that mean we idle so badly and hence could well be the best workers in the world? Poor choice of words with a poor choice of opinion, in my opinion not so clever at all.

In the same day that I write this post of the dangers of Kwasi Kwarteng he pops again to this time instant and widespread ridicule in surprise surprise defence of Boris Johnson in the untrue and ridiculous statement that “Crime is down” yet refusing to accept in this digital age that crime is in fact UP, it is in fact rampant and tripping over his own words Kwasi Kwarteng is adamant cyber fraud is NOT included as a crime. Thankfully bbc r4 news at 5pm could not miss this opportunity to correct what is an outright lie from Boris and Kwasi, thankyou for that.

Strange world, but in fact we can read this as a total manipulation of the truth, something that the likes of noted Eton scholar and gifted student Kwasi should have no trouble in disentangling from the spin and nowadays outright fluffy nonsense of Boris Johnson, the outright ‘balderdash’ of the PM and no.10 to use a typical Boris word.

Kwasi thinks crime is down, let him consider quietly for a few moments where squeezing the poor will get him, less money when surrounded by a world of consumerism, kids leaving school with less skills and knowledge than ever, Kwasi wants to cut benefits, we all know Eton is magnificently equipped. It is this disjoint, a kick in the teeth and not realising the plight of the poor and the disadvantaged that particularly irks me, is dangerous for society.

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