bbc r4 bias for trump …

Last nights news 6:10 pm and a bbc r4 piece on trump was most definitely skewed ie unreal, biased, loaded. One would have to be deliberately blind to the obvious, to the facts on the ground and to reality to write and broadcast such utter misinformation / garbage.

To bbc r4 news last evening trump is doing well, much loved, lauded …

EH !!!

So, we got some old grizzled Statten Island soundbites telling us how trump will or is ‘making America great’. I can only deduce that bbc r4 news is indeed in a collusion or plot to turn the truth upside down. Why not go to DC or Manhattan and hear 95% of the voter population denounce him as a disaster. This most definitely is skewed reporting and a travesty if this was ones only and trusted news source.

Its my opinion trumps voter base is in fact smaller than he will admit which generally fits his pattern of behaviour and pronouncements. His latest rally VA, was so corny ‘trump digs coal’ … pity he didn’t ‘dig’ TRUTH. Which basically explained who is a major backer, who it is that whispers in his ear. Note the carefully stage managed picked audience, cors its rigged !!

Pity trump wasn’t able to assimilate grown up topics such as International Relations, or Diplomacy or Reciprocity or Healthcare or Climate Change, or Refugees, other Faiths etc etc  … in other words is a sad failure in all departments. Apart from manifold wrecking crews sent out to do their worst (DeVoss, Pruitt etc) and unsuited appointees most Departments lie languishing, rudderless. Can not even the sad remaining trump base realise he has run counter to all good sense, to all common sense and any intelligent viewpoint. Everyone viewing trump has whiplash, his oscillations twixt truth and  lies and onto yet more lies. His reality tv background has stood him in good stead, a valuable apprenticeship in looking good on camera, Ivanka too reaps the benefit of it.

Two hours unscripted, no minutes, no data with Putin at Helsinki which can only amount to treason, simple and straightforward treason pushed into the faces of everyone around the world. Hence proving his heavy involvement with Russian dirty money. He is a laughing stock home and abroad, thats of course whilst people and Governments aren’t shaking a little and anxious of whatever demented crackpot manouvre he will take next.  His lack of reading ability has engendered a strange compensating mechanism, he does not move easily among men and most certainly of men of ability. Everytime he ‘calls’ or insults the media or say Intelligence Officials of high standing with nonsense calls of fake, or witch hunt or liar he is in fact calling himself, he is the greatest embodiment of these negative principles.  He dotes on Fox News his own adulatory channel and if he knew how ‘up the ass of trump’ bbc r4 news was I’m sure he’d have the coverage downloaded as podcasts to listen to at his leisure or tweet-time.

Shame on bbc r4 news !!

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