UK protests at trump – Liam Fox is wrong …

I’m sorry Mr Liam Fox but the modern day democratic countries that we live in here in the UK allow us to express our revulsion at a pip-squeak retarded man-baby that has done everything possible to insult, damage and render anxious all corners of society home and abroad, excepting of course those extreme regimes that he’s done everything possible to court. How much of this is Bannon and Stephen Miller, both of which it seems were present in the UK for trumps visit (a gut wrenching revelation for any UK citizen) and how much is Putins influence we’ll never quite know until he’s out of Office. For instance the complete year long NK Kim J-un fiasco was in my opinion an orchestrated charade to reach exactly the climax of meaningless handshakes in front of flags as it turned out to be.

trump deliberately is turning the clock back to the worst of the 1930’s and is hell bent on destroying all the well intentioned reforms of the intervening years. He wants to devalue and destroy and has deliberately gone after NATO, G7, The Paris Accord, Pacific Trade, NAFTA, everything and how clearly does it need to be spelled out that he is both Putins lapdog and an unusual case of mental disfunction. Liam Fox says ‘The President of the United States’ and how we should serve respect on this visit,  well show me him because it most certainly is not the ignorant easily fooled dotard with a nasty streak we saw visit the UK last week crowbarred in as the reality tv election outsider by Russian meddling (and a ridiculous Comey news flash re Hilarys emails days before the voting) …. funny that name ‘Fox’ …. matches the tv news outlet that puts a favourable spin on anything trump is liable to do.

I wonder, to why Liam Fox himself is so misguided and out of tune with current enlightened thinking and why his near worthless but certainly offensive utterance was given so much news time today Saturday here in the UK? Perhaps to indicate the quisling type mentality still pervading the elite? Like being at school again and having to show respect to some utterly useless waste of space teacher! There is nothing that trump has done that does not draw offence from decent folk either side of the Pond. He couldn’t even turn up in time for the Queen, then the poor woman having to try at ninety two to side step this monstrous obstacle, trumps face as usual in seventh heaven at any form of military inspection or parade. This illustrates how dumbed down trump and his world functions at, all gloss, gilt and zero substance, zero brains.  Praise yes where praise is due but at this level of hierachy damning criticism also where applicable. And all the expense of this visit and half of it turns into a holiday jaunt and promo event at his golf club! As all of his foreign jaunts have proven (apart from the Putin love-fest due on Monday) trump really does not see them as anything more than a shakey-hands good to see you shallow encounter when in fact such events would normally be the icing on the cake to seal lots of behind the scenes negotiation and diplomacy to effect some new accord or agreement.

Lucky he can be ‘turned around’ a little (thats of course as long as you are not treading on Putin territory) …. and the likes of Theresa May have the wit and aptitude to help him understand and realise some of what he does not comprehend, perhaps introducing real world seasoned reality instead of the over-deferential courtiers and sycophants that surround him at home. Its obvious that he allows the ‘wrong people’ to whisper in his ear at home, old white men of extreme wealth that want things back to the ‘good old days’ of obscene insulating wealth that in actual fact never existed for the ordinary person. Its how you look back at previous generations that marks your place in society, when I look back my ancestors had lives of uncertainty and hard work, its difficult to realise some people will look back and see meals prepared out of sight, fresh laundry in abundance, a driver to take them everywhere, men who garden for them. How else could the big old houses, townhouses, houses that circle the Park have originated!  The media and writers often portray the past with an unrealistic bias, as if a forcing house for a novel, an ogre for a father and a mother as distant and unhinged, surely to God in the nineteenth century there were some even keeled well adjusted rich folk? An aside, my apologies.

I worried about the floating inflatable, sure to offend and trump is not likely to take it in an ordinary manner, to my mind probably caused more trouble than realised, it will stick in his mind. Liam Foxs’ words need to be re-framed and taken a step further in that here is a unique never before seen President that whilst he is on our shores we can educate and inform of our position and of our conventional allies, DJT has a lot of catching up to do.   So we could say it all needs to be managed so our visitor does not see or face anything likely to cause offence, from this premise I can see what Liam Fox was trying to say. And its here where I have wandered into a contradiction of myself in that trump is so unhinged, so regressive, bombastic and hurtful and offensive to all free people that it cannot be allowed that he does not meet or see or hear of protest. Liam Fox says trump shouldn’t hear protestors, oh deary me …. well why should nervous anxious families be torn apart at the border ….  and the idea of ‘brown’ be taken back to the ‘old days’ …  healthcare pushed back to the bad old days, evil regimes courted, trade wars, Moslems framed as second class, world diversity denigrated ?

Liam Fox needs to think upon the increasing and needless militarisation of the USA, the needless dismantling of Obamacare, the refusal of refugees, the Border Wall fiasco (and its militarisation signalling trumps acceptance of climate change) EPA madness and destruction, networks ie G7 etc all touted as ‘useless’ the list is endless and trump is indefensible. For protest not to occur should be unthinkable.

Liam Fox made the inexcusable mistake of calling trump ‘the leader of the free world’ which is utter nonsense, that term having long been relinquished, his Inaugration Speech spelling out nothing but a degenerative nastiness and subsequently as evident from his methods, manners,  behaviour and actions. Hotelier and beauty pageant host does not make him leader of the free world. Witness how he deals with questions from CNN, unwarranted in his putdown and nastiness, even reserving venom for the BBC! At least they partly got their own back a few days before his UK arrival  in running the story of trump attending parties of four men with fifty wanna be models and some girls being underage.

On a broader view we seem to live in an age where increasingly high profile movers and shakers with the advantage of money seem not to realise the knowledge and hard won slow learned experience that is required for many aspects of this worlds activity whether its International Relations or making cars. ‘Doing stuff’ is harder than it looks and too much attention and value is placed on slick talk and the glib and shallow tweet. And from this we can say that many kids are being underinformed, its a modern curse, not being alerted as to how high the hurdles actually are.

Following from this we can see that the web and instant access to all manner of predominantly ‘simple facts’ can fool us to thinking we can know it all. Nothing can be further etc. As is proven with the fake President and Mr Musk thinking he can solve the cave rescue with a quick lash-up job, its the people at the sharp end with many years of developed knowledge and technique that are the masters of their craft; demonstrating its vital to realise …  ‘to know what we don’t know’.

copyright 2018

opinions expressed are merely for my own amusement.

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