Chemtrails UK … 27th Nov 2018.

Its baffling that with a decline in temperature there are still chemtrails being produced, the result yesterday for Tuesday 27th Nov 2018 was that ninety minutes later the sky was leaden, overcast and eventually drizzle and rain at say two hours after the event. I try most  hours of the day to at least take one observation but admittedly there are many gaps and maybe realistically only see four or six times during daylight. Also more lately there are many times when the sky is too overcast to see anything worthwhile ie chemtrail shenanigans.

What struck me was the sight of at least half a dozen aircraft along the same corridor and in both directions over a twenty min period. No other airtraffic visible other than distant older trails to the N. It all seems deliberate, peculier and something I don’t trust; hence my writing this up into blog format.



All of the above is a ten minute observation!

Half a dozen aircraft up and down the same corridor plus older trails to the N.

Note trails haze and expand and the lower cloud system changes drastically and rapidly, half an hour later all is dark and grey, an hour later drizzle and light rain. This is quite obscene, for someone a nice little exeriment, for others such as the victims of California wildfires quite evil.  Its my presumption that high aluminium levels in Ca did indeed exacerbate the fire on an already drought ridden area. A lot of this stems from the military; control the weather ( a known and quite old technology) and you can control the battlefield.

The media generally bundles anything chemtrail with other nonsense ‘ideas’ and thus the pitch is queered for any logical and objective discussion. You really cannot or perhaps should not discuss this face to face, ppl are already primed to dismiss you as nutcase.

My intention is to build a loose format diary since first realising chemtrails in Feb 2018. For instance, some interesting chemtrail UK photographs  …



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